Taylor Tomlinson’s Netflix Comedy Special Look At You Gets Trailer


Taylor Tomlinson is relieve with a recent comedy special, and Collider is worked as much as portion the contemporary trailer for Search for At You, debuting on Netflix on March 8. Following her 2020 special, Quarter-Life Disaster, Tomlinson focuses her contemporary special by talking about psychological smartly being and celebrating her life, success, and folks that arrange to hold serotonin all on their hold.

Filmed at the ancient Wilbur Theater in Boston, Massachusetts closing December, the special is govt produced by Tomlinson, Judi Marmel, and John Bravaki. Kristian Mercado directed Search for At You, and the trailer presents us a intelligent look into the tone of Tomlinson’s second time out for Netflix. The logline for Search for At You reads as follows: “Taylor Tomlinson returns to Netflix along with her second customary comedy special Search for At You. Taylor hilariously shares an intimate hold a study her struggles with psychological smartly being, anxiousness, and relationship.” And as we can understand within the trailer, she isn’t shy of talking about her trail along with her psychological smartly being.

What works so smartly with this trailer — and what can also still get followers of Tomlinson excited — is that she doesn’t alarmed away from poking stress-free at her psychological smartly being trail whereas openly talking about her trip with going to therapy and her must take care of herself. In most cases, we uncover comedians mastering the balancing between joking about their smartly being whereas vivid a obvious light on it. We’ve seen it with specials from each John Mulaney and Pete Davidson and so as to look somebody adore Tomlinson furthermore vivid a delicate on how she coped with status and psychological smartly being has us excited to look what the the relaxation of her special is adore.

Image via Netflix

Tomlinson is radiant and stress-free, and she or he has an energy that followers flocked to after Quarter-Life Disaster. Two years later, we’re leaping relieve into her bizarre sort, and if the the relaxation of Search for At You is adore this trailer, we’re in for the more or much less special that can manufacture many folks judge whereas laughing our manner via our hold distress. Does anybody else hold an emotional response to her talking about how she’d be married by now if she correct “shut the hell up”? No? Staunch me and Taylor Tomlinson?

Search for At You is decided to hit Netflix on March 8, 2022, and attending to laugh along with Tomlinson is a treat for us all! Study out the trailer for Search for At You beneath.

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