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Tee and Titan: Where Are Thai Rescued Boys Now?

It was warm and also in fact hot when bush Boars junior soccer group chose to explore the Tham Luang Cave following method on June 23, 2018, only for points to promptly shake up. As some of the gamers as well as assistant trainer Eak explained in ‘The Trapped 13: How We Survived the Thai Cave,’ abrupt rains entraped them inside (for 18 days) within a hr. Amongst them were Phonchai “Tee” Khamluang (stateless) and Chanin “Titan” Viboonrungruang– so currently, if you want to get more information about their existing standing, we’ve got the information for you.

Where is Phonchai “Tee” Khamluang Now?

Tee was just 16 at the time, he was essentially instructor Eak’s right-hand guy going right into the cave since he ‘d not just been inside prior to but could additionally take great treatment of the group. He still did his finest to gaming console the others as days passed, clarifying in the Netflix docudrama that “I had to make certain they would certainly make it through.

Apart from the trainer, Tee was thus the glue that maintained everyone from shattering down up until the rescue team finally turned up– and he was drawn out on the last day of the objective (July 10). It’s also vital to note he, along with Eak in addition to the two other stateless team members, were formally granted Thai citizenship in September 2018, opening up numerous doors for them. For that reason at the age of 20, he continues to reside in the Chiang Rai Province and is a specialized athlete; as a matter of fact, he’s actually a part of the Chiangrai Lanna Professional Football Club right now.

Where is Chanin “Titan” Viboonrungruang Now?

Titan was the youngest at 11 when every little thing dropped, but he was additionally one of the most impressive due to his large grit, determination, self-discipline, as well as resilience, making him a firecracker. The entire case hence unquestionably influenced him in a way that just pushed him to be and do better in every feeling of the term, all the while chasing his desires regardless of the challenges he dealt with. It’s why he and Coach Eak were (and still are) extremely close– they spent a lot of their time together refining his personal along with athletic abilities, especially considering that his mom functioned long hrs.

Like Tee, even Titan was saved on the very last day, and they all soon understood just exactly how comprehensive the global initiatives were to get them, driving him to really feel a kind of boosting pressure. The truth is neither he nor his colleagues need to do such a point, yet this has helped Titan concentrate much more on his objectives, which indicates the 16-year-old Chiang Rai high schooler is still solved to make it big as a professional footballer.

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