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Terrance Williams and also Felipe Santos: Missing or Found?

What occurs when you were last seen getting in a police patrol car as well as going away off the face of this Earth, never to be seen once more? This is precisely what happened to a 27-year-old American named Terrance Williams as well as a 24-year-old Mexican named Felipe Santos in January 2004 as well as October 2003 respectively. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Disappeared: Crime as well as Punishment’ documents a mother’s fight for his kid as well as the investigation procedure that checked out the loss. We’ve your back if you’re captivated and looking to know more about the instance information and also what precisely occurred to both the guys. Allow’s simply begin then, shall we?

What Happened to Terrance Williams and also Felipe Santos?

A native of Chattanooga, Tennessee, Terrance Williams had relocated to Naples, Florida, to stay near to his mommy, Marcia. Because losing his license for driving in an inebriated state, he was driven to and also fro from work by Marcia.

Terrance Williams

Nonetheless, Terrance wished for freedom and also had actually even purchased a Cadillac recently for himself. He had to wait for 6 months prior to he would certainly get back his driver’s certificate. On January 11, 2004, Marcia drove Terrance house after his shift at the pizza joint. He required to visit an associate’s party, but after falling short to persuade his flatmate, Jason Gonzalez, to join him, Terrance chose to drive to the event in his auto. He did not have a valid permit and also his car enrollment had additionally expired.

Jason last spoke with him on phone on the night of January 11 before going to sleep. When he woke the following day, Terrance had actually not returned residence. Nevertheless, Jason came to be worried when Terrance did not return home even on January 13 as well as emailed Marcia. She drove to the Pizza Hut joint to uncover her boy had not mosted likely to work for 2 days and also had actually not collected his incomes. A worried Marcia determined to file a missing individual record however the authorities regarded Terrance as a runaway.

A Mexican immigrant living undocumented in Immokalee, Florida, for 3 years considering that 2013, Felipe Santos was also searching for a much better life for his household, similar to Terrance. He had actually been functioning long hrs and sending money back to his family in Mexico. On October 14, 2003, he was driving to work with his 2 bros at around 6:30 am. He met with a small mishap in Naples, resulting in him obtaining pulled over by a Collier County Sheriff’s police officer. He was detained for reckless driving and driving without appropriate records and also was last seen entering the officer’s car and also being driven away.

Are Terrance Williams and also Felipe Santos Dead or Alive?

Terrance’s auntie traced his auto in a tow firm’s parking area. The record was signed by then-Collier County Sheriff’s Office Corporal Steven H. “Steve” Calkins. However, the family members can locate no other details since there were no case reports or apprehend memoranda filed pertaining to the case. Based on the program, when witnesses at the burial ground told Marcia that they had actually seen Terrance being pulled over and later on entering into Steve’s auto, she began continually calling the sheriff’s department.

Specifying he did not keep in mind Terrance, Steve transformed his declaration and also claimed he could remember pulling over Terrance at around 12:15 pm on January 12, 2004, after seeing the previous’s car “in distress.” According to the show, Steve stated the 27-year-old had actually requested him to drive him to a neighboring Circle K, declaring he was late for his shift. Steve declared that he dropped off Terrance there and also went back to inspect his car for documents. He did not discover any kind of, spoken to Circle K about Terrance, and also uncovered that he did not function there.

Steve added that he then asked for and called send off to obtain Terrance’s vehicle community away since it was blocking the roadway. There was no record of him positioning a telephone call to Circle K and neither the workers neither the monitoring footage of the structure positioned either Steve or Terrance.

With the FBI as well as the Florida Department of Law Enforcement on the situation, various techniques, consisting of positioning a hidden GPS device in Steve’s auto as well as cadaver canines, were utilized. It was also at this point that Marcia familiarized that the police officer involved in Felipe’s case was also Steve. When Felipe’s boss had actually gone to post bail for his employee, he found that Felipe had actually been let go by Steve near another regional Circle K which was about 4 miles where he would leave Terrance a couple of months later. Steve had actually declared that the “cooperative and also polite” behavior of Felipe had affected him to allow the man go.

Two weeks after Steve’s inner record submission, Felipe’s family members filed an issue against him in addition to a missing individual report. Without any evidence connecting him to the loss, Steve’s name was cleared. The whole cycle was getting repeated when it comes to Terrance as well. However, based on the program, the investigators did discover an authorities telephone call document of Steve supposedly making numerous racial slurs and also unsuitable statements when requesting dispatch to get Terrance’s auto pulled.

Steve had additionally asserted that he did not even know Terrance’s surname, however he presumably used Terrance’s complete name when requesting a history check for him. With numerous disparities as well as problems in his declaration, Steve also started to be uncooperative with the examination. He was fired from the force in 2004. After both Terrance and also Felipe stopped working to show up even 5 years after their loss, Florida regulation required them to be stated dead. Also today neither of their bodies have been found, and Steve continues to be a prime suspect in the disappearance of both guys.

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