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Terrifier 2 Movie Release Date, Cast, Trailer and More

Terrifier 2 is very popular movie. Which is liked by many people, Terrifier 2 is an American Horror Movie Director by Damien Leone. Terrifier 2 movie star Griffin Santopietro as Jenna Kanell fans are waiting for this Movie. Being a Hollywood movie, people have liked it very much. Produced by Antoine Fuqua. To know more about Terrifier 2 movie, you stay connected with this article, so that you can know about the release date and cast of Terrifier 2 movie. You must read the information given below, in this article you can get all the information about Terrifier 2 Film.

Terrifier 2 Movie Overview

Movie Name: Terrifier 2
Director: Damien Leone
Terrifier 2 Movie Release Date: October 6, 2022
Movie Cast: Griffin Santopietro and Jenna Kanell
Genres: Horror
Movie: Hollywood

Terrifier 2 Movie Release date

Terrifier 2 is a Horror movie that you can. Terrifier 2 Movie Release date is October 6, 2022. Which we can see on the OTT platform. You can see all the dialogues of this movie. Terrifier 2 Movie Main Cast is Griffin Santopietro as Jenna Kanell and Luke Macfarlane as Aaron. Griffin Santopietro as Jenna Kanell’s fans are liking to watch this movie.

Terrifier 2 Movie Cast


  • Amelie McLain
  • Amy Russ
  • Ava O’Donnell
  • Briana Calcagno
  • Casey Hartnett
  • Catherine Corcoran
  • Charlie McElveen
  • Chris Jericho
  • Cory DuVal
  • Craig Loydgren
  • Craig Sapenoff
  • Curtis J. Watson
  • David Howard Thornton
  • Devon Roth
  • Elizabeth Piper S.
  • Elliott Fullam
  • Felissa Rose
  • Georgia MacPhail
  • Gilbrando Acevedo
  • Griffin Santopietro
  • Jackie Adragna
  • Jamie Root
  • Jason Leavy
  • Jenna Kanell
  • Johnath Davis
  • Johnny Ferri
  • Jonathan A. Streetzel
  • Joshua Kirpach
  • Kailey Hyman
  • Lauren LaVera
  • Loren W. Lepre
  • Marcus Slabine
  • Marisa Bertani
  • Mark Langston
  • Matthew Hammond
  • Michael Leavy
  • Miche Brill
  • Michelle Santiago
  • Mick Gaughan
  • Nedim Jahic
  • Owen Myre
  • Phil Falcone
  • Rachel Keefe
  • Reid Richards
  • Rick Styczynski
  • Robert Privitera
  • Ross Caudill Jr.
  • Ryan Denning
  • Ryan James
  • Samantha Scaffidi
  • Sarah Brill
  • Sarah Grace Sanders
  • Sarah Voigt
  • Sheri Fairchild
  • Steven Della Salla
  • Steven Kiseleski
  • Tamara Glynn
  • Thomas Rickman
  • Thomas Smith
  • Wesley Holloway

Terrifier 2 Movie Trailer

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