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Tess Taylor Now: Where is Alexis Neiers’ Best Friend Now?

When E, the relationship between Alexis Neiers and Tess Taylor got a kind of cult assistance back! Network’s ‘Pretty Wild’ premiered in 2010, yet the reality is their bond was a lot more complex. Not only was there difficult partying as well as constant support in between them to help each other make it right into amusement forever but there were also medications and interconnected criminal web links. So since Alexis herself has given us a much deeper understanding into their past through Netflix’s ‘The Real Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist,’ let’s discover more concerning her unofficially adopted sister, shall we?

Who is Tess Taylor?

Because Tess and Alexis were simple kids when they first encountered each other around the early 1990s, their degree of recognizing towards one another was unmatched as they grew up. A substantial factor for this was also the truth they would certainly “both been with a lot in our early youths” in terms of domestic situations, making them “seem like” “kindred souls,” per the Netflix original. Therefore, once Tess admitted she required a location to run away in her mid-teenage years, she was absorbed by Alexis’ family members without hesitation– they then truly treated her as their very own.

Tess was intending to follow in her foster mother Andrea Arlington’s footsteps as well as come to be a Playboy Playmate in the late 2000s, yet it regrettably never ever happened regardless of her numerous tryouts. She did land various other modeling jobs along with ‘Pretty Wild’ together with her “adoptive” household, which opened much more doors, just for things to move a little once The Bling Ring case came to light. She had no participation in the matter, yet she had introduced Alexis to Nick Prugo (they ‘d burglarized Orlando Bloom), as well as she apparently had some taken things from Rachel Bilson’s residence.

Where is Tess Taylor Now?

It’s necessary to discuss that Tess Taylor preserves she as well as the Neiers sis were aware Nick was a robber rather than a “stylist”– the last career was a lie they had offseted Andrea. According to the docudrama collection, she insists they were not together when Alexis made the 911 phone call to link their shared friend (as well as accidentally herself) back in 2009. The following investigations right into the best pals were actually rather extensive, but it appears like Tess, who ‘d currently taken care of to advance right into an effective Playboy Cyber Girl, was at some point gotten rid of.

Tess did obtain into legal difficulty in 2012– she was apprehended for felony possession of a controlled compound on January 9, 2012, just to enter rehab the complying with month to treat her heroin/opioid dependency. She ultimately relocated to Wisconsin in an effort to avoid her behaviors permanently, assuming the rapid life of California was negatively pushing her, so we’re thankful to report that she has been sober since.

Coming to her current location, from what we can inform, Tess (genuine name Tess Adler) passes Tess Amber these days and remains to stay in Wisconsin along with her partner as well as their two children. They invited a lovable child named River into this globe in January 2017, complied with by an additional attractive infant girl called Meadow in April 2020. The 32-year-old is healthy and balanced as well as now happy, which is all that issue.

As for Alexis and Tess’ friendship, they’re still close, but their link is naturally not like it as soon as was years back.” [Tess] has a lovely family members. I’m so pleased for her, like, the fact that she made it out as well … that’s a miracle,” Alexis openly said to ET. “It’s just, occasionally, you have to realize that these partnerships, discarding all my time is not serving either of us anymore … [However] I’ll always consider her family. And also I’ll always enjoy her quite.”

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