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The 10 Most Powerful Female Characters in Boku No Hero Academia!

Strength, agility, speed, intelligence and powerful quirks are part of the routine of these heroines and aspiring heroines who stand out in the universe of Boku No Hero Academia ( My Hero Academia ).

10. Ibara Shiozaki

Ibara Shiozaki

Quirk: Vineyards

A student in Class 1-B at UA High, Ibara is known for her powerful vine hair, which also lends her individuality its name. The 16-year-old has the ability to manipulate her hair, whether to attack or defend herself over long distances.

Among the skills he developed are:

  • Painful trip – Covers entire areas, trapping everyone and everything;
  • Shield of Faith – Manipulates the vines to form a huge shield;
  • Crucifixion – Traps the opponent, forming balls of hanging vines that make it difficult for the opponent to move.

According to the official Boku no Hero character book , Ibara has 3/5 strength, 4/5 speed, 5/5 (!) technique, 3/5 intelligence, and 3/5 co-op.

9. Mei Hatsume

Mei Hatsume

Quirk: Zoom

Full of attitude and a talent for making those around her uncomfortable, Mei focuses her power on her intelligence. Her Quirk allows her to use her eyes to see long distances (up to 5 km).

Although he has a level of 1/5 in strength and speed, he makes up for it with a level of 5/5 in intelligence, which he uses to build the most different and powerful equipment that often gives him a great advantage in battles.

8. Ryuko Tatsuma

Quirk: Unnamed

In the 10th position of the Pro Hero ranking, Ryuko is known as the Dragon Hero due to her quirk, through which she transforms into a giant dragon, with large wings and claws.

Among his skills are:

  • Superhuman Strength – With her transformation, Ryuko gains a new level of strength.
  • Superhuman Stamina – In his dragon form, he has already demonstrated incredible resistance to even the strongest attacks.
  • Flight – In addition to powerful claws, Ryuko also has strong wings in her dragon form.

Although she has yet to appear in the anime and has only appeared briefly in the manga, the character has drawn attention for her powers, being one of only two females in the Pro Hero top 10. She also acts as a mentor to Nejire Hado, Ochaco Uraraja and Tsuyu Asui.

7. Itsuka Kendo

Itsuka Kendo

Quirk: Big Fist

A member of Class 1-B, Itsuka is training to become a professional hero. During the UA Entrance Exam, the young woman proved to be a very powerful fighter, which earned her the 5th place in the test.

That’s because Itsuka doesn’t limit his fighting skills to his Quirk, which allows him to enlarge his hands in size and, consequently, strength. The student also masters martial arts, such as Karate; and she is extremely intelligent, managing, for example, to perceive the pattern of the opponent’s quirk.

Her analysis and strategy skills added to the moves she developed with her individuality make her a dangerous combatant.

6. Momo Yaoyorozu

Momo Yaoyorozu

Quirk: Creation

Vice President of Class 1-A, Momo was admitted to the UA through official recommendations. Natural leadership and excellent physical conditioning already make her a great warrior.

But it’s her individuality that sets her apart as one of the potentially most powerful characters. That’s because she is able to create anything, from the cells of her body, as long as she knows the chemical composition of what she wants to create.

That is, as the young woman improves her mastery over her individuality and the repertoire of chemical compositions of different objects (and weapons), Momo can be extremely powerful, with resources for defense and attack without equal.

5. Ashido Mine

Ashido Mine

Quirk: Acid

Mina Ashido – or Alien Queen or Pinky, as she is also known – has one of the most dangerous Quirks: she is capable of producing acid. Her power even needs to be used very carefully, with her being responsible for controlling the acidity level of the corrosive liquid that will expel from her body (and that can reach deadly levels).

In addition, Mina stands out among most Class 1-A students for her excellent reflexes, which makes her able to dodge attacks while melting weapons thrown at her.

4. Nejire Hado

Nejire Hado

Quirk: Wave Motion

UA student Nejire is part of the Big 3, a group of three UA High School third-year students who stand out as the most powerful among would-be heroes in Japan.

This free-spirited young chatterbox has her individuality as the source of her power, through which she is able to convert her vitality into pure energy, which she releases in the form of shock waves.

Extremely skilled, she is able to create an electricity bomb whose control and the dimension of the affected zone depend only on her.

3. Myko


Quirk: Rabbit

Mirko, whose real name is Rumi Usagiyama, is known for being one of two women in the top 10 of Pro Hero Heroes, occupying no less than the 5th position in the rankings.

Her Quirk gives her the ability of a rabbit – which is why she is also called the Heroine Rabbit – such as great strength in her legs, which allows her to take great leaps and run at high speeds; and excellent hearing, thanks to its ears.

It developed three main blows:

  • Luna Ring – Kicks multiple targets with power and speed
  • Luna Fall – A superior kick that propels the opponent towards the ground
  • Luna Tijeras – Mounts the opponent’s head, twisting their body with their legs with superhuman strength used to rip the opponent’s head off and crush it against their body.

According to the Ultra Analysis Book, she has a power level of 5/6 (A+).

2. Himiko Toga

Himiko Toga

Quirk: Transformation

This C-Rank villain is a member of the League of Villains and the Vanguard Action Squad. Thanks to her Quirk, which allows her to transform into anyone, Himiko has mastery of disguise and infiltration. In addition, she manages to disappear completely, becoming invisible to her enemies.

The young woman still demonstrates great physical resources, such as agility, good reflexes, acrobatic talents and extreme skill with knife manipulation.

After her battle against Curious and his soldiers, Himiko’s Quirk underwent a kind of awakening, which allowed, from this moment on, that the warrior was able to copy and also use the Quirks of those she transforms into. Therefore, her power is increasingly taking on incalculable dimensions. The only limit she submits to is the fact that she can only transform into those whose blood she has drunk.

1. Eric


Quirk: Rewind

Little Eri takes the top spot on this list for a clear reason: even though she’s just a seven-year-old girl who hasn’t even had time to develop fighting skills, Eri has a Quirk capable of beating all the others!

With her power, the young girl can erase a person’s existence! This even made her the key to research for Kai Chisaki’s operation to create the Quirk Destroying Drug.

Abandoned by her mother after accidentally erasing her father’s existence, Eri was the victim of the cruelest experiences, which earned her physical scars (which she hides under the bandages she wears all over her body) and major trauma and trust issues.

The girl, however, returns to believing in the goodness of people after meeting Izuku Midoriya. But she still carries the blame for hurting those who try to save her. Furthermore, her terrifying individuality caused the AU to keep her under observation, to prevent her from losing control of her powers.

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