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The Best 2000s Movies Streaming on Netflix Right Now

Typically you desire a movie that’s now not too extinct and to now not unusual – a Goldilocks of cinematic history, for these who will. Fortunately for Netflix subscribers, the streaming provider is jam-stuffed with one of the finest films from early-aughts, from blockbuster action to crowd-arresting comedies, and even just a few Oscar winners. For the capabilities of this checklist, we’ll be attempting at films that got here out between the years of 2000 and 2009. And boy, the first decade of the unusual millennium sure had some killer films, from the initiating of superhero dominance on the box enlighten of business to the upward push of liked filmmakers cherish Todd Phillips, Paul Thomas Anderson, and Man Ritchie.

Take a possess a study our picks for the Simplest 2000s Movies on Netflix below, and for these who’re attempting to fetch extra streaming concepts, ensure that to possess a study out The Simplest Movies on Netflix and The Simplest TV Shows on Netflix.


Director: Wolfgang Petersen

Writer: David Benioff

Solid: Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom, Diane Kruger, Brian Cox, Sean Bean, Brendan Gleeson, Peter O’Toole, Rose Byrne

Whereas it’ll gain no facets for its connections to Homer’s Iliad, there’s a obvious early aughts entice Troy. Staring Brad Pitt as Achilles and Eric Bana as Hector, this myth battle movie has an incredibly important person-studded solid and unbelievable action sequences. Shockingly Pitt’s Achilles is complicated for a personality who has in most cases been viewed merely as a expert warrior. Whereas much less will also be acknowledged regarding the script, it’s an even popcorn movie that could well per chance per chance impartial intrigue these of us who grew up studying about Greek mythology. — Therese Lacson

Search Troy on Netflix


Image by design of Unique Line Cinema

Director: Adam Shankman

Writer: Leslie Dixon

Solid: John Travolta, Michelle Pfeiffer, Christopher Walken, Amanda Bynes, James Marden, Zac Efron, Queen Latifah, Nikky Blonsky, Allison Janney

A remake of the 1988 common movie of the identical title, which then modified into a 2002 Broadway musical, Hairspray is a shimmering, peppy romp exploring racial prejudice and sizeism in 1960s Baltimore. Tracy Turnblad (Nikki Blonsky) lives for The Corny Collins Level to, a local day after day teen dance stammer hosted by Corny Collins (James Marsden). Sooner or later when the stammer publicizes auditions, Tracy skips college for her likelihood to dance subsequent to the likes of featured lead dancers Amber von Tussle (Brittany Snow) and teen heartthrob Hyperlink Larkin (Zac Efron). Despite residing supervisor and mother to Amber, Velma von Tussle’s (Michelle Pfiffer) most effective makes an strive, Tracy makes the minimize. It’s now not lengthy, although, sooner than she begins to gaze the prejudices lurking in the aid of The Corny Collins Level to’s handsome facade. Will Tracy be the one to adapt this backwards dance stammer’s techniques once and for all? Hairspray’s issues mild ring lawful on the present time, and its iconic soundtrack remains jam stuffed with toe-tapping earworms. This up so far, female-led traditional inspires hope and harmony thru the combined powers of dance, enjoy, and illustration. Now mosey and show that! – Rebecca Landman

Search Hairspray on Netflix

I Am Memoir

Image by design of Warner Bros

Director: Francis Lawrence

Writer: Designate Protosevich, Akiva Goldsman

Solid: Will Smith, Alice Braga, Charlie Tahan, Accelerate Mihok

Essentially essentially based on the unconventional of the identical title, this post-apocalyptic movie place Will Smith heart stage with a true pup combating off vampire-cherish mutants called Darkseekers. Because the final man standing, Smith performs Robert Nevill, a virologist who has a pure immunity. As a design to possess a study out and set the human mosey, he works to assemble a treatment whereas combating off the Darkseekers. Two years into a scourge and per chance I Am Memoir is now not your first or 2nd pick, but this iteration of vampires is sure to give anyone attempting to fetch a horrific twist on a romanticized vogue one thing to discuss. — Therese Lacson

Search I Am Memoir on Netflix


Image by design of Warner Bros

Director: Zack Snyder

Writer: David Hayter, Alex Tse

Solid: Malin Åkerman, Billy Crudup, Matthew Goode, Carla Gugino, Jackie Earle Haley, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Patrick Wilson

Before HBO got here out with the hit stammer that acted cherish sequel series to the common myth, Watchmen already had an adaptation aid in 2009. Essentially essentially based on the graphic original by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, Zack Snyder‘s model of Watchmen modified into once largely devoted to the graphic original, although abandoned its insane ending that modified into a leaping off point for the 2019 series. Light, there’s lots to enjoy about Snyder’s Watchmen, a movie that embraces the silly ebook vogue and makes tell of Snyder’s stylistic trends in a thrilling design. — Therese Lacson

Search Watchmen on Netflix

There Will Be Blood

Director/Writer: Paul Thomas Anderson

Solid: Daniel Day-Lewis, Paul Dano, Kevin J. O’Connor, Ciarán Hinds, Dillon Freasier

Paul Thomas Anderson’s myth ancient drama There Will Be Blood is a anecdote of a would-be oil wealthy person poisoned by greed and ambition. Daniel Day-Lewis stars as Daniel Plainview, a miner who ruthlessly builds himself up all the design thru the Southern California oil enhance, manipulating his have family to gain so. The movie received Daniel Day-Lewis his 2nd Oscar for Simplest Actor, as well as a bunch of various awards. There Will Be Blood is a convincing dive into the human condition, and it’s broadly belief to be one in every of the finest films of the 21st century. – Remus Noronha

Search There Will Be Blood on Netflix

The Hangover

Image by design of Warner Bros.

Director: Todd Phillips

Writers: Jon Lucas and Scott Moore

Solid: Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Heather Graham, Justin Bartha, Ken Jeong, and Jeffrey Tambor

The Hangover series is a vogue of movie franchises that by no design rather managed to top their first films. The Hangover Piece II and The Hangover Piece III? Terrible. Nonetheless The Hangover? One of the most hysterical films of its time. Four chums head to Las Vegas for an myth bachelor event. The following day, they gain up with a killer hangover and no thought what came regarding the evening sooner than. It takes them a 2nd to cherish that they furthermore don’t possess the groom with them and that’s when issues gain if fact be told attention-grabbing. What follows is a hilarious mosey in opposition to time as they strive to endure in thoughts what came about and gain their buddy to the altar in time for his bridal ceremony. Featuring strippers, gangsters, a tiger, and Mike Tyson, The Hangover is one in every of the ultimate-grossing R-rated films of all time and with out peril one in every of the most standard comedies of the final few a long time. – Remus Noronha

Search The Hangover on Netflix


Image By technique of Sony Photography Releasing

Director/Writer: Man Ritchie

Solid: Benicio del Toro, Dennis Farina, Vinnie Jones, Brad Pitt, Rade Šerbedžija, Jason Statham, Stephen Graham, Adam Fogerty, Alan Ford.

This crime-comedy is per chance Man Ritchie’s most iconic movie ever. The director’s 2nd movie after Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch has sturdy stylistic and thematic similarities to Ritchie’s earlier movie. The plan follows two interconnected threads. Limited-time underground boxing promoter Turkish (Jason Statham) struggles to gain out from below the thumb of ruthless gangster Brick Prime (Alan Ford) after his unusual fetch, “One Punch” Mickey O’Neil (Brad Pitt), refuses to throw his first fight. And whereas that’s occurring, the 2nd thread follows gangster Frankie Four Fingers (Benicio Del Toro), who involves London with a stolen diamond, which attracts the complete extreme forms of consideration. It’s a slick movie with a bunch of attention-grabbing characters and the complete hallmarks of Man Ritchie’s signature vogue. – Remus Noronha

Search Snatch on Netflix

Step Brothers

Director: Adam McKay

Writer: Adam McKay and Will Ferrell

Solid: Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly, Richard Jenkins, Mary Steenburgen, Adam Scott, Kathryn Hahn

Step Brothers is, in a single discover, ridiculous. The movie is one in every of Will Ferrell’s most effective works, loaded with hilarious jokes and quotable strains. Step Brothers is a anecdote of man-formative years, the likes of that you would be able to per chance per chance per chance finest fetch in the 2000s. Ferrell and John C. Reilly important person as two grown men who change into stepbrothers, leading to tons of comedy bobbing up from their arresting sibling rivalry. Along the design, their relationship evolves into one in every of friendship, and they finally change into successful, objective folk (vogue of). That is a vogue of films that you if fact be told shouldn’t judge too exhausting about. Beautiful mild down and revel in the inch. – Remus Noronha

Search Step Brothers on Netflix

Kung Fu Panda

Image by design of DreamWorks Animation

Director: John Stevenson and Designate Osborne

Writers: Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger

Solid: Jack Dark, Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Ian McShane, Seth Rogen, Lucy Liu, David Dangerous, Randall Duk Kim, James Hong, Dan Fogler, Michael Clarke Duncan, Jackie Chan

Who doesn’t cherish pandas? They’re fluffy, they’re pretty, they know kung fu. Well, this one does anyway. Jack Dark stars in Kung Fu Panda as the express of Po, a bumbling panda who’s placed on the course to turning into a legendary warrior, to his have extensive surprise. Below the tutelage of Master Shifu (Dustin Hoffman), Po need to now prepare and fabricate the abilities needed to finish the extreme Tai Lung (Ian McShane). The DreamWorks movie has evolved into a fats-fledged franchise, with two hit sequels, 5 shorts, and two tv presentations. No longer finest is this moving movie an endearing comedy, on the opposite hand it furthermore has a extensive myth about accepting oneself and rising above your circumstances to cease greatness. – Remus Noronha

Search Kung Fu Panda on Netflix

The Vacation

Image by design of Sony

Director: Nancy Meyers

Writer: Nancy Meyers

Solid: Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, Jack Dark, Eli Wallach, Rufus Sewell

Nancy Meyer’s 2006 Christmas movie The Vacation has change into staple viewing around the vacation season. Kate Winslet stars as Iris, a journalist who lives in Surrey, England, and has factual figured out out the enjoy of her life has change into engaged to any individual else. She wants a ruin and so swaps houses with LA-essentially based Amanda (Cameron Diaz) who has factual long past thru a messy breakup. Iris’ acclimation to LA goes greater than Amanda’s coping thru the British chilly, but upon the advent of Iris’ arresting brother, Graham (Jude Law), the vacation could well per chance very well be extra attention-grabbing than she belief. Additionally starring Jack Dark as Iris’ enjoy interest (that contains in an unforgettable video store scene), this nefarious-Atlantic romance has all the pieces you desire from a vacation movie: Laughs, snow, gumption and Mr. Napkin Head. No longer to indicate a sweet friendship at its core between Iris and getting older-Hollywood man, Arthur (Eli Wallach). All region to 1 in every of Hans Zimmer’s most underrated rankings. – Emma Kiely

Search The Vacation on Netflix.


Director: Lasse Hallström

Writer: Robert Nelson Jacobs

Solid: Juliette Binoche, Judi Dench, Alfred Molina, Lena Olin, Johnny Depp, Carrie-Anne Moss, Peter Stormare

A roaming lady named Vianne (Juliette Binoche) and her daughter arrive to the little and spiritual village of Lasquenet, where they meet a bunch of townspeople. Opening a chocolaterie lawful sooner than the initiating of lent provides the folk a palatable temptation but Vianne provides larger than sweets. Her worldly point-of-gaze provides folk a brand unusual design of pondering. She butts heads with the village mayor, the Comte de Reynaud (Alfred Molina), as she brings unusual tips and unusual flavors to the village. With award successful performances and a charming soundtrack by Rachel Portman, Chocolat is a traditional. — Therese Lacson

Search Chocolat on Netflix

On line casino Royale

Image By technique of Sony Photography Releasing

Director: Martin Campbell

Writer: Neal Purvis, Robert Wade, Paul Haggis

Solid: Daniel Craig, Eva Green, Mads Mikkelsen, Jeffrey Wright, Judi Dench

Daniel Craig‘s first day out as Bond, James Bond proves to be a shimmering success. On line casino Royale modified into once now not finest praised for its action and stunts, but for Craig’s thrilling unusual procedure to an age-extinct personality. His chemistry with Eva Green‘s Vesper Lynd crackled on-show veil veil and stands as Bond’s most effective romantic pairing so far (sure that entails Lea Seydoux‘s Madeleine Swann). From sweeping landscapes to irascible villains cherish Mads Mikkelsen‘s Le Chiffre, who rather literally cries blood, for these who’re attempting to fetch one 007 movie to peek from Craig’s stint, this is the one. — Therese Lacson

Search On line casino Royale on Netflix

The Darkish Knight

Director: Christopher Nolan

Writer: Jonathan Nolan, Christopher Nolan

Solid: Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Heath Ledger, Gary Oldman, Aaron Eckhart, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Morgan Freeman

Whereas Christopher Nolan‘s The Batman Begins modified into once no doubt scrumptious, The Darkish Knight is if fact be told what launched Nolan’s Batman into infamy. What extra is there to be acknowledged about this movie that hasn’t been acknowledged? For the a long time after this initiating, The Darkish Knight could well per chance per chance be pointed to as a pillar in the superhero movie vogue. With an incomparable Joker performance by Heath Ledger, it’s exhausting to deem a Joker that can measure as much as Ledger’s, even so a long time later. — Therese Lacson

Search The Darkish Knight on Netflix.


Image by design of Paramount Photography

Director: Matthew Vaughn

Writers: Jane Goldman and Matthew Vaughn

Solid: Claire Danes, Charlie Cox, Robert De Niro, Peter O’Toole, Sienna Miller, Michelle Pfieffer, Ben Barnes, Henry Cavill, Designate Get, Rupert Everett

Adapted from Niel Gaiman‘s engaging and scrumptious novella of the identical title, Matthew Vaughn’s Stardust is a traditional, swashbuckling memoir adventure effervescent over with appeal. Charlie Cox stars as Tristan Thorn, a lovesick younger man who dares to nefarious over to a magical land in issue to defend shut a fallen important person and defend the enjoy of his village beauty. There’s factual one effort — the fallen important person takes the fabricate of a headstrong younger lady (Claire Danes) and a trio of imperfect witches are hot on their trot, arresting to gash out her heart. They don’t in most cases gain adventure films cherish they extinct to on this point in time, but Stardust is an very loyal throwback in the vein of The Princess Bride that delivers on all fronts and stands as one in every of the finest Neil Gaiman adaptations yet. — Haleigh Foutch

Search Stardust on Netflix

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