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The Bubble – Pandemic, quarantine, film and comedy! || review


Mammy and her social critics! The Bubble (The Bubble) premiered on April 1 and explores the idea of ​​isolating the entire cast and crew to make a sequel to a famous franchise. And here we go for another review, only this time the target is Hollywood!

From what I understand the plot is a satire to the production of Jurassic World: Dominion that in addition to taking 18 months to complete, everyone stayed for a while in their own space and lived through several blocks, with the right to a sanity test and everything!

Heads up netnaija! Please be advised that this review NO contains SPOILER and we will always be impartial in your opinion. Here it is you who decides if VALLEY or NOT WORTH It’s worth seeing what we’ve reviewed!

Now come with me and let’s go into quarantine with these crazy actors!

Poster: The Bubble


Actors, Producers and Director inside the Bubble!

To begin our journey, we accompany the actors and the entire production team of the franchise Cliff Beasts. It’s a crazy story, full of slash-style deaths and dinosaurs of all kinds, even the ones that fly. And, at first, we are together Carol Cobb (Karen Gillan), the star of the saga.

After refusing to make the fifth film and influenced by her agent marty (Rob Delaney), she preferred to make an alien attack movie, the much-failed Rise of Jerusalem. With failed projects, the actress is practically forced to return to the franchise of Cliff Beasts.

Isolated in a hotel are Dustin Mulray (David Duchovny), Sean Knox (Keegan-Michael Key), Lauren Van Chance (Leslie Mann), Howie Frangopolous (Guz Khan), Dieter Bravo (Pedro Pascal) and TikToker krystal kris (Iris Apatow), not to mention her friend anika (Maria Bakalova) and the director Darren Eigan (Fred Armisen).

Led by producer Gavin (Peter Serafinowicz), the production and filming team, the hotel owner and two other assistants, will also be isolated to try to fulfill this daring project. This is all as a way to bring entertainment to people in the middle of the pandemic.

But there is a problem that no one counted: forced to do more than one quarantine, the actors and producers end up freaking out. And in an excursion of very crazy acts laced with lack of control, drugs and thoughtless attitudes, they end up generating a lot of problems, thus compromising the project.

Was isolating yourself in the bubble the right decision to make a movie?

the bubble


The Quarantines of Technique

The comedy was directed by Jud Apatowone who is a friend of Adam Sandler. The young man also signed the script in partnership with Pam Brady and together they put together this crazy and pandemic story that has already positioned itself in the taste of viewers. Some love it and some totally hate it!

The film has a good comedy cast, but it has something else: the participation of celebrities who are simply playing themselves. In this real cast we have names like Benedict Cumberbatch, John Cena, Kate McKinnon, Daisy Ridley and James McAvoy.

But in addition to the actors already mentioned as characters in the film, we also have names like come fromSamson Kayo, Donna Air, Harry Trevaldwyn, Harry Trevaldwyn and Samson Kayo that complete a casting worthy of good laughs, at least in terms of English humor, of course.

I am sure that Andrew Bird it took some work to make a good soundtrack for this movie, especially when it comes to Krystal’s scenes, which were certainly made based on what’s going on in the app Tik Tok. But the result was good, at least that right!

The Bubble Pedro Pascal


Who stayed in the bubble after all?

So, it’s not one of the best films I’ve ever seen, but it was interesting to see how the British humor content is, in addition to being able to see some famous actors doing comedy, in fact, we can say that the supporting cast is all made up of great names, just see Benedict Cumberbatchnominated for an Oscar.

the bubble could have everything to be a success, if the script were a little better, that is, I believe that if I had the finger of Adam Sandler in the middle, maybe it would be better and with an edge towards success. But choosing a good cast also guarantees the box office or streaming access, doesn’t it?

It’s time to go into quarantine, now go there and check our Mammy Netflix and then come here and tell me what you think! LOVE IT

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