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How to deal with your dream of being a soloist in the Ballet after a tragic accident? How to deal with so much pressure and perfectionism?

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The new Netflix release, entitled “The Crystal Girls” premiered in Spain in April and on 04/08 Netflix made it available on the platform. In this review, I will comment on the plot without spoilers! It is a Spanish thriller drama directed by Jota Linares and starring Maria Pedraza (from “La casa de papel”), Besides Paula Losada, Mona Martinez, Marta Hazas also in the cast, in addition to several others.

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crystal clear synopsis

The film tells the story of the ballerina Irene (Maria Pedraza) who participates in a very renowned ballet company in Spain. Thus, she shows the difficulties and dedication of the dancers even after a tragedy with the soloist and renowned dancer, Maria.

Irene is chosen as a soloist, debuting the company’s biggest production. However, entering the immensity of the character is something challenging for the young woman. For, discovering that the perfectionism of each step can destroy her mental health, she also counts on the pressures suffered from her Director and cast.

During rehearsals, Irene approaches Aurora, who is a newcomer to the company, and they become great friends, but with the great rivalry of the ballet corps and end up having to unite due to fights with other characters. But the relationship of the friends begins to become obsessive after a great approximation.

The Crystal Girls (Las niñas de cristal) - Film 2022

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Beautiful and strong, like a crystal

The film is divided into acts, like a play, with Act I and Act II. So, during Act I, we get to know the characters and story development, as well as mentions of eating disorders, family pressure, competition, and ballet rivalry. However, the act II leads to the end of the drama with romance, which has not only a relationship with the status social, but also with tragic accidents that change the course of life and, in addition to the relationship of the characters. So it’s an intense film with many important discussions, especially in the midst of ballet, as it instigates reflections on life choices and the consequences of pressures suffered. Not only that, but it also shows a very strong bond of love between the characters during the scenes.

If you’re interested in the movie, watch the trailer to get the vibe of it. That way you’ll know if you’re your type.

I hope you enjoy the film and that you reflect on the topics covered.

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