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Yes my dear zombie hunters. Behold, a new feature full of the undead is among us. I saw the movie twice to be sure if it was a comedy or not, and I confess I still haven’t figured it out. The cast is made up of giant names. How Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton, Adam Driver, Denny Glover, Selena Gomez and even the Steve Buscemi! Dona Netflix spares no expense. But, before talking about the movie itself, I have to remember that this is the MINE opinion. Then you watch it there and draw your conclusions huh? And it is also worth mentioning that this review THERE ARE NO SPOILERS! That said, let’s review!

The Dead Don't Die ||  nerd asylum

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As I said in the intro, I’m not exactly sure how to classify The Dead Don’t Die. But, I think it’s a story very similar to the classic Night of the Living Dead. Where the dead in question aren’t that common – the snarling kind. And yes, those who speak certain words, like, brain, or food. Thus, as in the classic zombies that played in the afternoons and nights of SBT, we have several characters beyond clichés and who command the course of the plot. Trying to bring that 2022 freshness to something that clearly drank from the waters of the 80s and 90s!

the unfolding of the plot

The soundtrack is a character on its own. So, melancholy as hell that even reminds me of the “sensational” DLC from Red Dead Redemption, remember? THE Undead Nightmare, which has that dark atmosphere that scares much more than the zombies themselves. However, those screams are quite sinister. The only song that actually has lyrics in the movie is Sturgill Simpson’s The Dead Don’t Die. Even in the movie itself, Adam Driver’s character says that the song is the theme song. This smooth fourth-wall break was a really cool thing to do and it gives the film a touch that it doesn’t take itself seriously.

The Dead Don't Die ||  nerd asylum

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The events of The Dead Don’t Die are slow and monotonous, but if you like the genre it’s a very fun request to pass the time while eating popcorn and having a coffee. the character of Tilda Swinton is a very interesting case, she is very good with the sword, reminding us of the Michonne from The Walking Dead, but in a totally calm and strange way, somewhat reminiscent of an elf, or a character who doesn’t have a lot of emotions. The partnership of Bill Murray and Adam Driverit was interesting to see, and the fact that Driver’s character simply spoils everything that’s going to happen is pretty cool.


The Dead Don’t Die is a different movie that plays with the zombie theme, it’s that kind of story that you’ll either like it or not. At times I got the impression that they only got together with friends to have a party, you know? Very similar to some Sandler movies. I have to confess that the first time I put the film on I ended up falling asleep, but the second and third time I watched it until the end. There’s no way I can rate the film, but it’s always good to see the Bill Murray!

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