The Flash Showrunner Reverses The Flash Returns In Season 9

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The showrunner of The Flash has actually teased that viewers might not have actually seen completion of Eobard Thawne. The character, played by Tom Cavanagh, has actually had a difficult history on the Arrowverse series. Cavanagh originally showed up on the program as Iris West’s former fiancé Eddie Thawne, though he died in the season 1 ending back in 2015. The actor had the possibility to re-emerge in the series, remaining to play his character’s descendant Eobard Thawne, additionally known as Reverse-Flash, who had handled the appearance of Eddie after time taking a trip from the future.

The most recent episode of The Flash was the season 8 finale, entitled “Negative, Part Two,” which aired on June 29, 2022. Because episode, Cavanagh plays Negative Reverse-Flash, who is acting upon behalf of the whole of the Negative Forces. After a critical battle with The Flash, the personality is seemingly damaged for good.

Throughout a post-mortem session with TVLine reviewing the season 8 ending, The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace teased a little regarding the future of Reverse-Flash on the series. While he firmly insists that Reverse-Flash and also Negative Reverse-Flash are well as well as truly dead, he advises readers that “it is a comic book program.” On the planet of comics, fatality isn’t necessarily constantly permanent, and also he teases the exact same may be the case for Reverse-Flash, claiming it’s a “rather sure thing” that “you could see Tom Cavanagh once more.” Offered the reality that Cavanagh has appeared on The Flash for 138 episodes so far, it makes perfect feeling that he will find his way back somehow. Take a look at Wallace’s full quote listed below:

One reason for this climactic fatality of Reverse-Flash is that Wallace assumed the episode was going to wind up being the collection finale for The Flash. Numerous series on The CW did endure an abrupt termination previously this year, consisting of the Arrowverse series DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Naomi, and Batwoman. After the episode was composed, they were informed that the collection would be renewed for season 9, but they couldn’t back out of every single choice that they had made relating to the personalities’ destinies. Unsure just how to cover themselves, they chose, “allow’s just kill him for now and stress over that later.”

Another thing to bear in mind concerning Wallace’s quote is that he really did not guarantee specifically in what kind Cavanagh might show up again. The star has played a multitude of functions throughout the collection, so while this quote could be meaning the return of some type of Reverse-Flash, it could also indicate that Cavanagh will have yet one more new role on the series. The Flash has actually always been packed with strong twists and turns, so whatever takes place, it is sure to adventure longtime fans.

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