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The Good Shepherd Ending Explained & Where To Watch

In today’s article, we shall talk about the ending of the thriller drama The Good Shepherd. The film is directed by Robert De Niro and the entire story is loosely based on some real events. It’s an American spy film, released on 22nd December 2006. The duration of the film The Good Shepherd is 167 minutes. The movie got huge appreciation from the critics as well as from the audiences due to its characters, storyline and performances. Those who have already watched The Good Shepherd,  big thumbs up to you all. But few people haven’t watched the film yet. Now you must be wondering where to watch The Good Shepherd. Also, you must be wondering about the ending of the film. What happens at the end? We shall discuss everything in detail. We will also cover the cast members of The Good Shepherd.

Before getting into the article, let me make you aware that the entire content is based on the spoilers of The Good Shepherd. If you aren’t bothered with the spoilers, you are exactly at the right place. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get into this awesome article to know further about The Good Shepherd, including its cast and ending.

The Good Shepherd: Cast members

Several actors have played their roles amazingly in the film The Good Shepherd. Following is the list of all the actors- Matt Damon, Angelina Jolie, Alec Baldwin, Tammy Blanchard, Billy Crudup, Keir Dullea, Martina Gedeck, William Hutton, Lee Pace, Eddie Redmayne, John Sessions, Oleg Stefan, John Turturro, and Robert De Niro. These mentioned actors have played the roles of Edward Wilson Sr., Margaret ‘Clover’ Russell Wilson, FBI Agent Sam Murach, Laura,  Archibald ‘Arch’ Cummings, Senator John Russell Sr., Hanna Schiller, CIA Director Philip Allen, Admiral Thomas Wilson, Deputy Director Richard Hayes, Edward Wilson, Yuri Modin, Ulysses, Rat Brocco and General Bill Sullivan respectively. There are several other supporting characters as well whose contribution has helped the movie to earn success in the industry and earn good reviews.

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The Good Shepherd: Ending Explained

The Good Shepherd is an American Spy movie of the thriller genre. Those who haven’t watched the movie yet must be wondering about its ending. Most of you are very excited to know how the film ended. What happened in the end? Well, you are exactly at the right place. We shall cover the spoilers now.

At the end of the film, we find Edward Wilson finally read his father’s suicide note. He is the main character of the film The Good Shepherd. He learns that his father had betrayed his country. Not only that his father had also confessed everything in his suicide note. In the letter, he urges his son, Edward, to live a life of decency and honesty. Edward has his principles and values, honor and discretion. Even his character is intact. After knowing everything from the suicide note, he sadly burns the note. Thereafter, he leaves his old office and joins the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

The Good Shepherd Ending Explained

The Good Shepherd – The Best Spy Movie Ever

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Where can you watch The Good Shepherd?

Since the movie was released in 2006, by now many of you have already watched the film The Good Shepherd. Those who have somehow missed it or weren’t aware of the film The Good Shepherd now must be wondering where to watch The Good Shepherd. There is nothing to worry about. Here, we will reveal the platform where you can binge on The Good Shepherd.

This thriller drama, The Good Shepherd, is available on the platform Netflix. For watching this film on Netflix, you must own a subscription. Even if you don’t have one, buying at least a monthly subscription (minimum) for the film The Good Shepherd is worth it. Even the movie has received good reviews from the industry itself. And also, it earned good ratings on different social media platforms. So, what are you waiting for? Without further dawdling, go and watch the film The Good Shepherd. I’m sure you won’t regret it.

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