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The Handmaid Tale Season 5 Episode 3 Recap, Ending, Explained

Serena Joy Waterford satisfies with Commander MacKenzie and his other half as well as talks about the hazard June Osborne presents versus them. Serena makes a significant choice concerning her destiny but the council of leaders pressures their choice over her. The engrossing episode ends with advancements that rewrite Serena’s fate and also right here’s whatever you need to understand about the very same!

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Episode 3 Recap

They fulfill a member from the team, who thanks June for saving over twenty ladies, including her, from Gilead by handing over Fred. In Gilead, Serena eats with Commander Joseph Lawrence, the MacKenzies, Nick, as well as his partner Rose. Commander MacKenzie tells Serena that they should eliminate June prior to she risks to threaten their lives.

Throughout the dinner, MacKenzie advises Lawrence that a single male can not continue to be in the leadership of Gilead. After supper, Serena hangs around with Lawrence as well as talks about the latter’s remarriage, giving signals that she has an interest in a marriage for his power. She additionally informs Mark Tuello that she plans to remain in Gilead, her house, rather than go back to Toronto with him. June handles to get in touch with Nick as well as asks about Hannah, who reveals that she has actually grown enough to plan for becoming a leader’s wife. Janine Lindo, upon obtaining infected by Esther Keyes, gains back consciousness.

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Episode 3 Ending: Why Do the Commanders Send Serena Back to Toronto?
After the funeral service of Fred, Serena decides to stay back in Gilead. She has to have realized the value of power and recognition to precise her revenge on her opponents, especially June and her allies. For the very same, she requires to be in a location where she will be respected. In Toronto, as far as Serena is worried, she is just another female, shielded by individuals who have stopped working to secure her spouse. The council of the leaders chooses against offering sanctuary for Serena. To start with, for the leaders of the totalitarian regime, Gilead is not a location for prominent and powerful women like Serena.

The commanders should have been afraid that Serena’s influence, stamina, and nerve will certainly impact the other women in Gilead, who are expected to live as simple slaves of their partners. As Lawrence suggests, such a patriarchal system can not dare to accommodate a woman like Serena, who doesn’t mind battling her adversaries as a guy performs in the country. Additionally, Serena and also her partner turn their backs on Gilead when they were in Canada. The leaders do not have reason to thoughtlessly trust her and also the very same should have influenced them to send her back to Toronto.

After June’s successful murder of Fred, the commanders understand that her following target perhaps will be Serena. If they supply sanctuary for Serena, June may obtain attracted to combat versus Gilead as well as Serena in specific.

Will June Kill Serena?

When Serena goes to Gilead for Fred’s funeral, June assumes that she will never return to Toronto, only to locate out concerning her return. If June eliminates Serena, the leaders in Gilead will see the exact same as a caution sign as well as starts to be afraid whether June will come after them.

Such a turn of events will certainly force the commanders to close down Gilead as soon as and for all, making it difficult for June to rescue Hannah from the totalitarian routine. June, instead than killing Serena, might even make use of or force her to conserve Hannah.

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