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The House: Listen Again and Seek the Sun Ending, Explained


Chapter 3 of Netflix’s delightfully unlit appealing anthology sequence ‘The Dwelling’ takes us to a misty, reputedly put up-apocalyptic world inhabited by cats. Titled ‘Listen Again and Peek the Sun,’ the memoir follows Rosa (voiced by Susan Wokoma), who has now divided the titular home into studio apartments in the hopes of someday having the flexibility to afford to revive it. Sadly, her tenants indulge in a maddening habit of paying rent by bartering unnecessary fish and crystals.

With rising water ranges threatening to submerge the home, Rosa struggles to entire her dream project. A mysterious handyman with a knack for spirituality and throat singing furthermore enters the mix, nonetheless can he relief? The whimsical ending is a welcome spoil from the anthology’s ominous tone nonetheless leaves extra than about a questions unanswered. Let’s test out ‘The Dwelling’ chapter 3 and ponder about if we are in a position to unravel all its layers. SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Dwelling Chapter 3 Recap

Chapter 3 opens with Rosa going over her restoration arrangement for the home — a detailed chart that lovingly hangs above her fire. In actuality, nonetheless, the home is in desperate need of repairs and has broken floorboards and sporadic, brown-unpleasant water in the plumbing. After a frustrating morning attempting (and failing) to wallpaper a room, Rosa visits her two tenants in the hopes of getting some rent money. Her tenants, nonetheless, indulge in assorted plans.

Elias, a young artist who lives in the house, tries to persuade Rosa to let him pay the utilization of fish. Similarly, the bohemian girl named Jen (voiced by Helena Bonham Carter) gives the frustrated home proprietor a portion of crystal in lieu of rent. Quickly, a friend of Jen’s arrives on a boat and is enthusiastically welcomed by the earlier as Rosa looks on suspiciously. Through about a cutscenes, it’s far furthermore established that the realm around the home is utterly submerged, and a heavy mist forever hangs in the air.

Jen’s buddy, fittingly named Cosmos, is exceedingly footloose and remains noncommittal when Rosa asks how long he’ll be staying. Nonetheless, she gets enraged upon finding out he is a handyman and displays him her plans for restoring the home. The next morning, Rosa wakes up to the sound of hammering nonetheless is terrified to ponder about that Cosmos has mature her floorboards to manufacture Elias a boat. An argument ensues, nonetheless Elias ultimately reveals that he’s been taking below consideration of leaving the home and sails away on his fresh boat.

The Dwelling Chapter 3 Ending: Where Does Rosa Plug in the Smash?

Rosa is crestfallen by Elias’ departure and is extra saddened when she finds a collection of drawings in his room, having never even realized that he can intention. Quickly after, Jen reveals that she is furthermore leaving and implores Rosa to abandon the home ahead of the rising water swallows it up. The home proprietor stubbornly refuses, announcing her dream is to entire her project and originate cushty recollections in her home.

A nightmare then displays Rosa how lonely she is in the house, and he or she wakes up to search out the lower floors starting up to flood. Jen, already sailing away on a boat with Cosmos, calls out, imploring Rosa to affix them. With a unexpected alternate of heart, the young home proprietor pushes on a pillar erected by Cosmos, and the entire construction begins to circulation. Quickly ample, the home breaks far from its foundation, and a steering wheel seems on its roof. As Rosa begins to manual her home on the water, she is joined by Jen and Elias of their respective boats, and chapter 3 closes with the personnel floating away into the mist.

Where Rosa and her former tenants turn out is frequently ever published, and, fixed with the assorted chapters, this installment furthermore leaves the protagonist’s destiny a thriller. Nonetheless, the ending is vastly extra optimistic and ends with Rosa in the firm of of us who clearly savor her (of their internet eccentric techniques) in its place of being left by myself in a slowly submerging home. Even supposing her destination is unclear, Rosa reputedly breaks the cycle of earlier owners who are in actuality “swallowed up” by the home. As an different, our pussycat protagonist makes snort of the home to free herself and circulation far from the pickle she has been tied down to.

The area depicted in chapter 3 is exceedingly ominous, with the entire lot excluding for the home submerged underwater and a thick mist all over. As Rosa again and again says, there is nowhere to head. Thus, when they put of dwelling off, the protagonist and their companions are as clueless about their destination as the viewers. What is crucial is that they’re collectively and (though Rosa doesn’t understand it) are making cushty recollections.

How Does the Dwelling Flip Correct into a Boat?

Cosmos has a hand in serving to flip the home correct into a boat because it’s far he that installs the lever that initiates the excellent transformation. The particulars are left up to the viewer’s imagination, nonetheless Jen’s footloose buddy might perchance moral indulge in some uncommon powers that he makes snort of to plan the reputedly unimaginable. In a account as surreal as ‘The Dwelling,’ nonetheless, it’s far perchance extra poignant to now no longer easiest surprise how the home turned into correct into a boat nonetheless furthermore the symbolism of it.

The home’s ominous powers is also linked to the land it’s far constructed on. By transferring it away, Rosa in actuality breaks a (reputedly) decades-long curse on the realm. This furthermore puts Cosmos’ persona into standpoint, as Jen describes him as any individual who has come to help free Rosa. Thus, both the home and Cosmos, from in the starting put being burdens on the protagonist, turn into brokers of her salvation. Within the terminate, Rosa now no longer easiest escapes the desolate pickle nonetheless furthermore the unimaginable suggestions that she so stubbornly holds on to.

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