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The Last of Us: See scene-by-scene similarities between the series and game

The new series The Last of Us has become the main subject of social networks since its debut last Sunday (15). Many fans of Naughty Dog’s game praised the pilot for using identical framing and dialogue to the game, which anyone who has never played or not familiar with the franchise before may have missed.

With that in mind, Omelete decided to put scenes from the series that refer to the game side by side. Look:

Gifting Joel

The beginning of the episode is original by introducing a 60’s talk show with fungus experts and then a time jump to the Miller family routine before the Cordyceps outbreak. From the scene in which Joel (Pedro Pascal) arrives home after work and talks to his daughter Sarah (Nico Parker), however, comes a very familiar moment for those who played.

This scene uses several references from the lines and setting. The difference would be their position and lighting to harmonize with the first episode. Check above:

Sarah alone

Although for different reasons, both the Sarahs of the series and the game wake up by surprise and lost with what would be happening in the world. Sarah’s moment exploring the empty house without knowing where her father would be is similar to the third-person camera in the PlayStation game. Look:

Miller family running away from home

When Sarah is rescued by Joel, they and Uncle Tommy (Gabriel Luna) flee by truck to safety. The passing places and dialogues about the reason for these attacks and places to seek shelter directly mention the game.

Sarah’s Death

When Joel and Sarah get separated from Tommy, they are chased by an infected person and end up in the undergrowth on the outskirts of the city, until the father and daughter are saved by a soldier who, by order of his superior, has to execute them. This exciting moment directly quotes the game in the positioning and characterization of the characters.

wounded tess

When Joel wakes up and notices that Tess (Anna Torv) has a swollen face and bruises, he tends to the bruises she got from Robert’s henchmen. This moment is mirrored, so as not to be as identical as the previous work.

Marlene Wounded

When Joel and Tess find Marlene (Merle Dandridge, who also plays the same character in the game), she is injured due to the conflict with the smugglers. Despite being different locations, the leader of the Fireflies remains similar to her character in the game with attire and posture.

Joel And Ellie In The Apartment

While waiting to get out of the quarantine zone, Joel and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) have their first conversation showing some of their humor (or lack thereof). The camera game is different, although the position of the place is very similar.

Leaving the Quarantine Zone

When the trio is searched by the FEDRA military, Ellie injures the soldier so she won’t be tested for the infection. When Tess and Joel discover that Ellie is infected but immune to Cordyceps, the series uses various inspirations from the game in the cutscenes.

New episodes of The Last of Us are released on HBO and HBO Max on Sundays, starting at 11 pm.

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