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The Lesson Season 2: When does it premiere and all about it?

A Licao (The Glory) is a Kdrama of vengeance that brings the tale of a young woman of 30 years old who is ready for a plot of retribution that she thoroughly got ready for her previous harasses.

The oppressions experienced by Dong Eun were very provocative, as well as it provoked a lot of rage from customers. After our protagonist sets out on her path of revenge, we don’t understand what she does, other than make her visibility known to all her wrongdoers.

The ground is ready and when revenge lastly starts, the series is over. At the very least in the meantime. Is that there will certainly be a season 2 and we bring you everything you need to understand.

Renewal of A Licao: when does season 2 premiere?

According to director Ahn Gil-ho, Netflix has actually not only restored A Licao for a second season. However they currently recorded it and prepare to release it.

Introducing the news at a press conference previously this month, Gil-ho said,” [Season] 1 will be launched on December 30, and also [Season] 2 will certainly be launched around March.” As a result, the 2nd part of A Licao opens in March 2023. “I ask for your perseverance, love and rate of interest”, he added.

Nevertheless, Netflix has yet to reject this release or verify timetable. For now, we need to wait.


Directed by Ahn Gil-ho, A Licao features Song Hye-kyo as the protagonist. Furthermore, we have Lee Do-hyun, Im Ji-yeon, Park Sung-hoon, Yeom Hye-ran in addition to Jung Sung-il, to name a few actors members.

Final episode of A Licao prepared the ground

The final episode of The Lesson shows Dong-eun getting her hands on puppets that can be made use of for her revenge as she handles among her past bullies to make points difficult for Park Yeon-jin; the person that is the brains amongst her bullies and also has currently end up being an obsession for Dong-eun.

Later on, she puts Jeon Jae-joon as well as Ha Do-young face to face in a story to produce confusion in Yeon-jin’s life. Ee uniting her partner and the dad of her kid. Remembering the crimes devoted by Jae-joon in the past, Dong-eun can’t keep calm after satisfying him. She continues to fight her instinct to accomplish her plans.

In other places, Do-young has doubts about Dong-eun and also is curious about his strategies and the intention behind them. Thus, he discovers Choi Hye-jeong, that was suppressed by Dong-eun to figure out the reason. He is soon subjected to a side of his partner he didn’t know and is left without words and concerned about every little thing.

Later, he satisfies Joo Yeo-jung as well as speak about his issues with a complete stranger, not aware that he is being assisted and also seen by the same complete stranger. Yeo-jung later ensures Dong-eun that Do-young will certainly call her quickly.

On the other hand, Do-young asks Yeon-jin about Dong-eun however is discreetly alerted never ever to attempt to pry into her past as that is the method to keep the marriage unified. She guarantees him that she will take care of everything and also will never ever let her past affect her future.

After lots of weaves, the collection finishes with Dong-eun at Yeo-jung’s home, where she makes her next go on the Go board.

The ending truly obtains followers excited, as the masks have actually been duped and the actual retribution is about to start. With countless inquiries left for everyone as well as a passion to watch what comes next, Dong-eun’s revenge will certainly be for a greater reason than any individual thinks.

What can happen in the season 2 of A Licao?

The initial season of A Licao was a magnificent experience as well as the expectation is that the second season will do justice to this thriller. Seeing Dong-eun go top speed on her bullies for her retribution will be a spectacle, and followers are expecting it.

Many followers feel that they’re undervaluing Yeon-jin’s evil since she appears to be a far much more dangerous bad guy than we’ve seen so much. Being able to eliminate someone at school and get on with their life is not something any rational person can do and also viewing it go downhill from this point on is what Season 2 of A Licao could be about.

Author Kim Eun-sook highlighted: “Every word of A Licao is an item of vengeance. It is the story of a female called Moon Dong-eun who endured extreme school physical violence in intermediate school, risking her whole life to complete her vengeance.”

It will be intriguing to see that gets the penalty initially and also when. I desire The Glory to be kept in mind as a dark sword dance,” Eun-sook continued.

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