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The Lesson, Secrets of the Ending: Who Killed Son Myeong-o?

Written by Kim Eun-sook, The Lesson is a Netflix revenge dramatization collection from South Korea. The tale follows Moon Dong-eun (Song Hye-kyo), that is compelled to sustain vicious bullying from her peers in high school. Even contacting the teachers and also the police doesn’t aid, as the death squads’ families are wealthy people, while Dong-eun comes from a moderate background.

When her very own mother betrays her for money, Dong-eun leaves of institution and also spends a number of years believing only of revenge versus those who hurt her or aided cover the mistreatment she suffered. She at some point gains a teaching level as well as ends up being the instructor of the child of her major bully, Park Yeon-jin (Im Ji-yeon). When she lastly makes her visibility understood, her former harasses recognize – beyond their pompousness and benefit – that their projection has actually gotten here.

The main themes of A Lição are college physical violence and retribution. Class struggle additionally plays an important function in the story. Actually, the duality between tormentors and also their sufferers is the source of the horrors Yeon-jin as well as his minions bring upon on Dong-eun. Here’s whatever you could wish to know concerning the end of component 1 of The Lesson.

Recap of the series The Lesson on Netflix

The Lesson starts with a flash forward to 2022, when Dong-eun acquires an apartment or condo opposite your home Yeon-jin show to her family. There’s a scene there where the two females challenge each other. This is probably something Dong-eun imagines since their actual get-together, which happens a couple of episodes later, is much less terrible.

The narrative then blinks back to 2004, when a senior high school trainee, Dong-eun, has finally had enough of her teachers’ intimidation as well as passivity as well as has actually counted on the authorities. As she discovers, the regulations are different for poor and also rich, specifically if the police officer you’re reporting to is a childhood good friend of her bully mom. Yeon-jin as well as her friends are launched just after informing their moms and dads. When she attempts to whine to the principal, the homeroom educator comes to obtain Later as well as dong-eun seriously defeats her up.

Yeon-jin and her buddies actually put Dong-eun via hell. Dong-eun can not also turn her mommy because Yeon-jin’s family members paid the older woman.

In the long run, Dong-eun drops out of school and invests the next 17 years preparing. She allows thoughts of retribution eat her; it becomes her sole objective in life. Dong-eun intended to be an architect when she was more youthful. She sacrifices that dream on the altar of her retribution as well as decides to come to be a teacher to position herself as Yeon-jin’s daughter’s class educator.

On the other hand, Yeon-jin as well as at the very least some of her good friends naturally obtained what they desired. Yeon-jin is married to President Ha Do-yeong of Jaepyeong Construction, as well as they have a daughter together, Ye-sol. Lee Sa-ra is a skilled musician and Jeon Jae-joon handles his daddy’s golf links. When it comes to the continuing to be two, the story is different. Choi Hye-jeon as well as Son Myeong-o never ever fit in with their buddies due to the fact that their parents weren’t rich. Like adults. Hye-jeon is a flight attendant, while Myeong-o is Jae-joon’s errand boy.

When Yeon-jin as well as her pals see that Dong-eun has actually returned, they are uneasy but continue to underestimate her. Dong-eun recruits an abused better half, Kang Hyeon-nam, to help her collect information about her previous browbeaters. In return, she guarantees to eliminate her hubby. While all this is taking place, Dong-eun grows closer and also closer to Ju Yeo-jeong (Lee Do-hyun), a plastic surgeon with his own share of horrors. His father was killed by the psychotic patient he saved, and fatality has actually haunted him since. After Dong-eun tells the truth concerning herself, he agrees to aid her.

In episode 8 of A Lição, Jae-joon recognizes certain facts concerning Ye-sol and also begins acting. In other places, Yeon-jin discovers just how extensive Dong-eun’s strategy is and is forced to find to terms with her past.

The end of The Lesson: that killed Son Myeong-o?

Perhaps the biggest unanswered question in A Lição revolves around the fatality of Son Myeong-o, which occurs at the end of episode 5.

Though Dong-eun holds him as responsible for the mistreatment she obtained as a girl as anyone else, she and the man in question get to an understanding. Myeong-o loathes the majority of her friends as well as goes along with Dong-eun’s plan to bring them down, not recognizing that she hates him as high as the others.

Dong-eun isn’t the very first girl they’ve tortured. Dong-eun makes Myeong-o believe that So-hee’s body is still there in the morgue when it was already refined in 2004. At the end of episode 5, Myeong-o transforms up dead, as well as it is highly hinted that Yeon-jin killed him.

Either method, Dong-eun plays an indirect function in Myeong-o’s death since she encourages him that So-hee’s body is still in the morgue. For Dong-eun, who at the time was taking Spanish courses at institution, the tattoo shows up to state “Me I Mori”, which means “hillside” in Spanish.

Myeong-o has always been an expendable tool for Dong-eun. She may not have actively triggered his fatality, however she is still in charge of it. She knew that the only thing Myeong-o had remotely useful was her life, and she had lastly taken it from him.

Does Ha Do-yeong know the reality concerning Ye-sol?

The abstract technique parlor game called Go plays a role in the narrative of A Lição. Its thematic importance is highlighted by its existence in the opening sequence itself. In Go, a player wins a game by bordering the challenger’s rocks with his very own. Which’s what Dong-eun intends to do with Yeon-jin as well as take every little thing away from the other woman. Dong-eun finds out Go from Yeo-jeong before attracting Do-yeong with her love of the game. Their relationship doesn’t necessarily end up being sexual, but she might do significant damage to Yeon-jin’s marital relationship.

Dong-eun finds out that Ye-sol’s natural father is Jae-joon and orchestrates things for him to figure out, creating chaos in Yeon-jin’s life. In Episode 8, Do-yeong challenges Dong-eun, learning what his better half did to the other woman and also realizing that he is captured in the middle of a fight between Dong-eun and also Yeon-jin. At this moment, Dong-eun holds all the cards. One of the most essential of these is, obviously, Ye-sol’s parentage. At the end of the very first component, Do-yeong goes to see his spouse, that burglarized Dong-eun’s house and discovered his vengeance paint. Dong-eun most likely told Do-yeong that he is not ye-Sol’s father. Info has power. By informing Do-yeong this, Dong-eun can cut Yeon-jin off from one of his major sources of wealth.

Will Dong-eun get her vengeance?

By the end of Part 1 of The Lesson, Dong-eun has actually already made significant progression in this regard. She creates her former educator’s death at the hands of her very own son, as well as Myeong-o is additionally dead. As for Yeon-jin, her life faces an unpreventable unraveling. I think we can securely assume that she will certainly get her revenge, but the cost of doing so will certainly be extremely high for her.

A part of Dong-eun appears to know that she is going to unavoidable ruin as well as has possibly approved that destiny. For her, there is no future however retribution. However, with Yeo-jeong in her life, we can hope that she will find some tranquility when this is throughout.

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