The Lovely Bones Ending Explained: What Happens To Susie & her Family?


Today’s article will talk about what happened to Susie’s family, The Lovely Bones Ending Explained. The Lovely Bones is a supernatural-action film directed by Academy Award-winning director Peter Jackson. Peter Jackson got the idea of The Lovely Bones from Alice Sobald’s Novel, which she wrote in 2002(same name). He did complete justice to Alice’s work as it won numerous awards and grossed over $50 million in North America. The film talks about an extraordinary story of a 14-year old girl’s life and everything that came after. Susie Salmon (Saoirse Ronan) is the protagonist of the film as well as the narrator. She has a loving family with whom no bad things have ever happened. Susie aspires to become a wildlife photographer one day. She has a crush on a British student, Ray Singh. But after that day, everything changes in her happy life.

Ray asks Susie out, and something terrible happens when Susie returns. While Susie is walking through the cornfield, George Harvey (Stanley Tucci) persuades her to check his hideout. Just when Susie decides to leave, the scene blacks out! When Susie wakes up and tries to contact her family, she realizes she is dead when she sees the bathtub full of blood. George Harvey murdered Susie. When she gets scared, she gets pulled “in-between” That is Limbo, which is in between heaven and hell. From there, she can see her family, who is crying their heart out. Especially- Jack Salmon, the father who will stop at nothing to find the killer. Jack and Lindsey(Susie’s sister) eventually realize that Harvey is the murderer. Harvey decides to kill Lindsey! So what happens to Susie and her family? The Lovely Bones Ending Explained! 

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The Lovely Bones Ending Explained

Jack and Abigail Salmon

The Lovely Bones Ending Explained:

Susie Learns more about Harvey:-

When Susie Salmon got murdered, she left her unfinished life behind. All this to stay in the Limbo forever. But now, from her place in a strange but beautiful in-between world, she must help her father catch Harvey and protect her family before Harvey kills them. Susie realized that Harvey was a serial killer. He has killed six other girls like her. Susie also learns that his next target is her sister, Lindsey Salmon. She is in Limbo with a girl named Holly. Holly tells Susie that they all got killed by Harvey, and their bodies, are stuffed in his basement.

Jack & Lindsey Salmon Play it dangerous:-

Jack is not the only one who suspects that she got murdered. Lindsey can feel her afterlife presence and realized that her sister got murdered by someone whom she knew. Jack and Lindsey soon leave for Harvey’s trail at night. Jack accidentally stumbles upon a couple and gets into an unwanted fight. Harvey gets attentive. Lindsey can break into Harvey’s home due to the commotion. She finds a lock from Susie’s hair, a notebook with a sketch of the den, and the article about Susie’s disappearance. Lindsey and Jack can now escape with enough evidence! Harvey also runs away from there with Susie’s body in the case.

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The Lovely Bones Ending Explained

George Harvey-The Serial Killer

Its Time: The Lovely Bones Ending Explained

Two years have passed. Jack pledges to catch George because now he is sure that he is the killer. As Jack searches George’s house, Susie appears in that scene. She makes him aware of the duck trap, which got laid for Lindsey. Susie tries to convince Jack to move on, but he does not listen. She tells him about George, how he killed the other girls, about him being the serial killer. Later on, they all move on in life. Susie sees that her family is healing at last! She refers it to as “The Lovely Bones” that grew when she was not there. Abigail goes into Susie’s room which was locked earlier. Susie realizes it’s time. She tells them that she was here for a moment and wishes them a long and happy life. Susie finally enters Heaven.

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