The MCU Can Still Deliver On Scarlet Witch Dark Prophecy Through The Earth-838 Version Of Wanda

The MCU Can Still Deliver On Scarlet Witch Dark Prophecy Through The Earth-838 Version Of Wanda

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness finishes in the fatality of Avenger-turned-Avengers-level-threat Wanda Maximoff– however this might simply be an action towards the increase of Earth-838 Wanda as the Scarlet Witch of MCU prophecy. Unlike Stephen Strange who inhabits several versions of himself in the Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness cast, Wanda possesses yet one other Scarlet Witch in a different world: Earth-838 Wanda. While Earth-616 Wanda probably damages herself in addition to Mount Wundagore and all understanding of the Darkhold, Earth-838 Wanda is still alive with Billy and Tommy in their house universe.

Undoubtedly, the events in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness might have been a set-up for the beginning tale of the MCU’s genuine Scarlet Witch Back in 2020, the Scarlet Witch prophecy was detailed by the centuries-old witch Agatha Harkness in WandaVision, who discusses that Wanda is destined to either subjugate or ruin the globe. Wanda almost meets this prophecy in her ill-fated mission to take her own kids from a various version of herself in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness– until she was visited Doctor Strange’s treatment as well as the awakening of America Chavez’s powers.

Doctor Strange 2 is unlikely to be the end for Wanda Maximoff. Even if the records about a developing Scarlet Witch film turn out to be false, Wanda can still appear in any number of upcoming MCU films and collection, whether in Phase 4 or Phase 5 of the MCU. As a matter of fact, Earth-838 Wanda is not only still alive, however has actually likewise begun to discover her very own powers.

How Earth-838 Wanda Can Become The Scarlet Witch.

Earth-838 Wanda’s powers show up to have actually been stired up after she was had by Earth-616 Wanda, and this might lead her down the course to understanding her capacity as the true ruler or destroyer of the multiverse. After Earth-616 Wanda has and also inadvertently opens Earth-838 Wanda’s powers in Doctor Strange 2, Scarlet Witch may have birthed a version of herself that does not also need the Darkhold.

At first glimpse, the two versions of Wanda have little in common; nonetheless, it’s clear that both will do anything for their children. Earth-838 Wanda hasn’t gone through the stressful experiences that ultimately drove Earth-616 Wanda to recognize her true capacity, Earth-838 Wanda could be inspired to seek power in order to secure Billy as well as Tommy from other multiversal dangers. Additionally, adhering to the harsh fatalities of Doctor Strange 2’s Professor X and most of the Illuminati, there could be no person left in Earth-838 to stand in Wanda’s method– not to mention instruct her to regulate her powers. Thinking about all the multiversal incursions brought on by Wanda and also Stephen’s untrustworthy use of the Darkhold, the opportunities are endless for the dark future of the Scarlet Witch.

On the various other hand, when Earth-838 Wanda understands exactly how much power she has over all reality, she may get access to Earth-616’s Wanda’s experiences and memories– perhaps leading to Wanda’s redemption. The means points finished in Doctor Strange 2 recommends that Earth-838 Wanda will certainly have a big duty to play in Doctor Strange 3.

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