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The mother of the alleged daughter of Anuel AA breaks the silence: “Partida de locas”

Previously, Melissa Vallecilla, who claims to have had a daughter with Anuel AA, had stayed silent after it was found out that Yailin is anticipating an infant which the singer claimed that this was his only daughter.

Not anymore, provided the objection he appears to have obtained from those who do not provide integrity to his tale.


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” They need to be really unoccupied to begin developing many stupid points,” created the girl from Texas in her Instagram stories. “Look for God, you number of insane females without a profession.”

He did not define that this message was resolved to, it comes right in the center of the news of Yailin’s maternity as well as the controversy facing the singer after the mother of his son, Pablo Anuel, accused him of using the minor for advertising.

Vallecilla informed People en Espanol that the singer was not opposed to offering the girl the last name Gazmey. “No, there was no argument. There is no factor understanding that Emmanuel is the daddy.”

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