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The new episode of The Mandalorian is the most important. Adventures of heroes will change the world of Star Wars

The beginning of the third season of The Mandalorian was spectacular, but standard for the series. The hero aspired to the planet Mandalore and willingly took on filler assignments like searching for parts for a droid.

I thought that the season would be devoted to preparing for a visit to the legendary planet, and Djarin would reach the goal only in the final. But the authors deceived expectations and came up with a new epic goal for the heroes.

The plot of The Mandalorian is getting bigger

Star Wars has always been impressive. We were shown the battles of armies, the destruction of planets, the great confrontation between good and evil. The stakes were high, and defeat plunged the world into darkness.

In The Mandalorian, events have become local. The heroes did not save the world, but the inhabitants of small settlements. They fought not with the imperial army, but with one commander. They did not challenge the Sith, but were looking for a Jedi who would solve all problems.

There is a special charm in such intimacy. Nevertheless, the authors paid more attention to details, talked about life on different planets, delved into the problems of ordinary people. In addition, the characters surprised with charisma, and something interesting always happened on the screen: shootings, fights, betrayals, jokes.

The new series has changed the rules: in the third season, the story will become more epic and will affect the world of Star Wars. All because of a visit to the planet Mandalore, with which they did not delay.

Once upon a time, the Mandalorians were a great people who united the races and conquered one planet after another. Alas, after a couple of crushing defeats, the warriors lost their homes and lost the meaning of life.

Even Princess Bo-Katan of Mandalore did not believe that one day the people would unite. But the beginning of the third season returned hope. In it, Din Djarin risked his life for tradition and proved that the Mandalorians still had a chance.

It looks like the next episodes will be devoted to the revival of the Mandalorians. Djarin will inspire the warriors scattered across the galaxy, Bo-Katan will resolve differences with the people of the Gunsmith, and the home planet will be slowly put in order.

If the plot actually moves in that direction, the fans will be delighted. Nevertheless, in the world of Star Wars, a great force will be reborn, which everyone will reckon with.

The series is still full of events

Even if the story is made larger, the main feature of the series will remain. It’s about saturation, which does not let you tear yourself away from viewing. What a new episode is worth: it’s 40 minutes long, but it’s enough for a couple of Marvel movies.

The hero visited Tatooine, recruited a new ally, learned the truth about Mandalore, fell into a trap, survived a couple of battles – and that’s not all.

The visuals are great too. Most of the series shows the ruined surface of Mandalore and dark caves, but even these locations are impressive. They feel the echoes of a great civilization that once kept the entire galaxy in fear.

Will The Mandalorian get even better soon?

The Mandalorian is the best Star Wars series ever. But if the authors really make the plot more epic and keep the same dynamics, the enthusiasm will intensify. Therefore, we are waiting for the next episodes, they will become decisive.

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