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The Old Way Reviews, Release Date, Trailer, Cast and More

The Old Way is an Action movie. The director of this movie is Brett Donowho. Movie Main Cast is Nicholas Cage and Ryan Kiera Armstrong. The Old Way is very popular movie. What people would love to see. You can know the The Old Way movie Reviews, Release date, Cast & Crew, Trailer and much more through this article. Check out the below information to know about The Old Way Movie.

Director Brett Donowho
Release Date January 6, 2023
Cast Nicholas Cage, Ryan Kiera Armstrong, Shiloh Fernandez, Noah Le Gros, Nick Searcy, Abraham Benrubi, Clint Howard, Kerry Knuppe
Writers Carl W. Lucas
Rating R
Runtime 95 minutes
Main Genre Action
Cinematographer Sion Michel
Producer R. Bryan Wright, Micah Haley, Sasha Yelaun, Robert Paschall Jr., Colin Floom, Fred Roos, Brett Donowho
Production Company Capstone Pictures, Intercut Capital, Skipstone Pictures, Saturn Films
Main Characters Colton Briggs, Brooke, Boots, James McAllister, Marshal Jarret, Big Mike, Eustice
Distributor Saban Films
Assistant Director Phil Click, Jonathan Scott Higgins, Jonathan Perlstein, Clayton Turnage

The Old Way Movie Trailer (English Subtitles)

The Old Way Movie Photos

The Old Way Movie Cast & Crew

  • Nicolas Cage: Colton Briggs
  • Clint Howard: Eustice
  • Abraham Benrubi: Big Mike
  • Ryan Kiera Armstrong: Brooke
  • Noah Le Gros: James McCallister
  • Kerry Knuppe: Ruth Briggs
  • Shiloh Fernandez: Boots
  • Nick Searcy: Marshal Jarret
  • Brett Donowho: Corporal Lawrence
  • Adam Lazarre-White: Greg
  • Eddie Spears: Caballero
  • Dean Armstrong: Clark
  • Boyd Kestner: Robert McCallister
  • Skyler Stone: Jeffries
  • Beau Linnell: Mark
  • Corby Griesenbeck: Walter McCallister
  • Joe Pepper: Bubby
  • Craig Branham: Arnie
  • Jeff Medley: Smiley
  • Everett Blunck: Young Jimmy McCallister

Reviews For The Old Way Movie

Academy Award winner as well as charming technique star Nicolas Cage has had a longstanding background of taking on vibrant functions. Directed by Brett Donowho from a movie script by Carl W. Lucas, Cage plays a malevolent gunslinger drawn out of retirement to track down his spouse’s killers.

Nic Cage celebrities as Colton Briggs, the well known and also cold-blooded gunfighter with a track record of being smarter than his enemies and also finishing the job by any means required. That all comes to a halt when he fulfills Ruth (Kerry Knuppe), whom he weds and also shares a daughter, the young and brave Brooke (Ryan Kiera Armstrong). When Briggs’ past returns to haunt him in the form of a grand vengeance system, he travels throughout town with Brooke to find his wife’s killers. With each other, they discover more about each other while restoring their connection as dad and also child, sharing memories about Ruth that would certainly give them toughness to carry on.

The Old Way is an acquainted retribution tale that superimposes a heartwarming father-daughter journey, making for an interesting American western. As with several westerns, a vengeance objective started by the bandit James McAllister (Noah Le Gros) effects all the main characters in different means.

All that said, the best point standing in the method of The Old Way is its failure to supply anything new within its narration. The retribution story is foreseeable regardless of the personalities developing at adequate speeds. What’s even more, very little is known about the community and its residents outside of information provided by the set design. Since outcome of this limitation, it’s difficult to completely submerse oneself within the tale, especially with the predictability of the ending. Completion result walks back a lot of the progress made by its leads, which may leave target markets with a total underwhelming feeling by the film’s end.

Regardless of these concerns, viewers might locate it very easy to be involved with Donowho’s limited as well as basic feature script because of the interactions in between Cage as well as Armstrong. As the father/daughter duo, they couple well together onscreen, supplying moments for giggling as well as even times for rips. As anticipated, Cage takes care of these characteristics well, though this manuscript does not test him in manner ins which would certainly call for much deeper acting abilities. Nevertheless, it does provide newbie Ryan Kiera Armstrong the opportunity to make her mark on Hollywood. She provides a great performance, demonstrating her capacity to correctly move in between drama, comedy, as well as activity in a short time period.

Simply put, there’s not much to anticipate from Donowho’s easy as well as foreseeable American western feature. The Old Way consists of some good fun and uses heartwarming minutes in between a father and also daughter as they rebuild their relationship throughout a malevolent objective. Thanks to piece de resistances from Nicolas Cage and Ryan Kiera Armstrong, their dynamic suffices to carry this acquainted story in a compelling means. And as anticipated, two hearts become one in their defend the very same preferred result, however the trip there has moments that can load also the coldest of hearts with heat.

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