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The star of “Vampires of the Middle Band” Dmitry Chebotarev sings to his beloved in the video for the song “Up”

The composition is dedicated to the touching and stormy romance of his hero Sergei with Countess Olga. Online cinema START has published a video for the song “Up”, performed by the star of the popular TV series ” Vampires of the Middle Band ” Dmitry Chebotarev. Previously, this composition was included in the soundtrack of the show and was sung by the actor in the seventh episode of the second season, which was released on January 24. Now, START has shared the full footage of the touching music scene.

In Vampires of the Middle Band, Chebotarev plays Sergei Baranovsky, a talented musician and lover of the vampire Countess Olga, played by Olga Medynich . In the seventh episode, Baranovsky comes to the club to perform a song dedicated to his beloved in front of a large hall. During the performance, they look at each other cutely, remembering the bright moments from the joint romantic past.

The text of the song “Up” was written by the showrunner of the series Alexei Akimov, who himself once played in a rock band. The music was composed by the composer of the project Denis Vorontsov. It is noteworthy that in the world of the series, the group from the scene in the club, to the accompaniment of which Sergey sings, is called Denaturat – that was the name of Akimov’s real group at one time.

Chebotarev himself admitted that he had long wanted to try himself in the musical field:

“This is just some kind of gift and the fulfillment of an old dream. Ever since I was a teenager, when the guys played the guitar in the yard, I wanted to sing, but I was embarrassed even to sing along. Recording in the studio was a bit of a test for me, but it was also great.”

The final eighth episode of the second season of Vampires of the Middle Stripe will premiere on START on January 31st.



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