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The strong scare that Robert De Niro suffered and that almost ruined his Christmas holidays

Being a celebrity does not excluded you from the little disasters that regular human beings experience, such as breaking into your house to take your possessions. When it takes place while you rest happily during the evening, as well as extra. It is not only the truth of invading your most valuable area; it’s the moment they do: prior to Christmas. But this is what occurred to proficient actor Robert De Niro at his residence in New York.

She was seen attempting to open up the doors of commercial buildings in the area before arriving at Robert De Niro’s residence. “She was taking Christmas presents,” included an authorities policeman.

The serial intruder was caught red-handed on Monday, December 19, at Robert De Niro’s rented Manhattan home. The individual involved was playing with the well-known actor’s iPad and the gifts under her Christmas tree, cops resources informed The Post portal. Shanice Aviles, 30, purportedly slid down a staircase resulting in the 79-year-old actor’s cellar on the Upper East Side around 2:30 a.m. as well as forced his method utilizing a pipe or metal bar, she claimed. police.

There are Robert De Niro photos throughout the house, where rental fee is being paid at $69,000 a month; but the star himself was sleeping upstairs throughout the burglary. No person within, consisting of the actor’s child who was in a bedroom, recognized what was taking place, the resources stated. Serial burglar Shanice Aviles has actually been charged with robbery, contributing to a long criminal record that includes at least 16 arrests this year alone.

Records show Aviles was arraigned on charges associated with two break-ins in Queens last Wednesday and released without bail, according to sources. As she was led out of the Lenox Hill police headquarters in handcuffs Monday afternoon, Aviles, that in some cases flashed a smile for the electronic cameras, maintained that she was innocent. “I didn’t most likely to Robert De Niro’s residence,” she informed reporters, adding gently: “I didn’t murder any person.”

Robert De Niro was holed up in the residence for many of the day, up until he zoomed previous press reporters and right into a waiting Cadillac Escalade around 4:30 p.m., attempting to hide in a black beanie as well as shoes. When asked much more regarding the burglary, De Niro, a long-lasting New Yorker, responded: “You can review regarding it in the paper.”

The only various other activity at Robert De Niro’s house throughout the day after the robbery was police going and coming from the criminal activity scene, a locksmith altering the locks, as well as a personnel’s trip to bring eight bags of Takeout from “Nobu,” the Japanese fusion dining establishment the actor co-founded. De Niro’s agents decreased to discuss the break-in: “We are not making any kind of statement currently regarding the theft of Robert De Niro’s temporary rental residence,” Media Strategies Representation Consulting stated in an e-mail to The Post.

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