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The White Lotus 2: The true story of the legend of the Testa di Moro of Sicily

The second season of The White Lotus has actually currently premiered on HBO Max. A new era in which the series exchanges the beaches of Hawaii for the shores of Sicily. As well as there, in between Roman and also greek misconceptions, there is a legend that the job produced by Mike White has referenced in its first episode, the Testa di Moro.

This story alludes to some head-shaped vases, generally ceramic or porcelain, really common of the Italian island as well as wearing a crown. In The White Lotus, when the well-off guests of the ‘resort’ reach the resort, they quickly find that these vases and also sculptures are anywhere, as if watching them in all times.

When Ethan, Will Sharpe’s character, asks among the resort staff members regarding them, he discusses their beginning:” Testa di Moro. The story is that a Moor came here, long ago, and attracted a local lady. Yet she uncovered that he had a better half and children in his country. As well as because he had actually existed to her, she beheaded him.”

” If You Enter My House, Don’t Fuck My Wife”

His spouse, Daphne (Meghann Fahy) responds: “It’s a warning to partners, honey: Make the gulf and you’ll finish up buried in the yard …”. That last warning is one of the definitions attributed to the flower holder.

The legend was birthed around the year 1100, at which time the Arabs controlled Sicily. In among the neighborhoods of Palermo, Al Hàlisah (today referred to as Kalsa) lived a lovely Sicilian girl that devoted herself to taking care of her plants on the veranda of her residence. Eventually, a Moorish boy observed her, falling incredibly crazy with her and also promising her timeless love.

The woman, happy, responded to the man’s wishes as well as both started an enthusiastic love. Nonetheless, lastly the Moor admitted that his heart came from one more, to his other half, who was waiting for him in her nation together with her kids. Ruined, the Italian planned a horrible revenge.

In the evening, while her fan was resting, she savagely defeated him and also killed him, to ensure that he would certainly never leave her and also they would always stay together. To exculpate herself from her transgression, she additionally chose to remove his head as well as area a basil plant in addition to it. This fragrant herb was thought about the plant of kings and also sovereigns. She placed the Moor’s directly her terrace and took wonderful care of it, treating her fan “like a king.”

The great odor that the plant released on the Testa di Moro made the next-door neighbors soon envy the young woman. Therefore, they began to make similar-looking flower holders and also vessels to grow their plants, giving rise to the legend that continues to now. And, although that in The White Lotus it is made use of as a sign that courts its personalities, it is in fact among the most recognizable as well as common souvenirs in all of Sicily.

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