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Theo James (The White Lotus) confesses the truth of his shocking nude: “It looked like a donkey”

HBO Max premiered on Monday, December 12, the last and also seventh episode of the 2nd season of The White Lotus. The fiction ends with a shocking death that creator Mike White has described.

Tanya understands that Greg has actually conspired with Quentin to eliminate her and also take her money. After uncovering her plan, the lead character manages to take the weapon that Niccoló was mosting likely to make use of to kill her and she eliminates him, in addition to also killing Didier as well as Quentin.

As soon as she’s completed with the team and also runs out danger, Tanya is entraped on the private yacht. She attempts to delve into a little boat prepared to head to coast, but she is up to her death. She later exposes that the corpse that Daphne uncovers in the first phase is Tanya’s.

In a behind-the-scenes video that HBO aired after the episode, White described that the whole story of Tanya season 2 was built around her death. “At the end of last season, Tanya is sitting down with Greg in the last episode as well as he’s talking about his health and wellness concerns and also she’s like, ‘I’ve had all type of therapies over the years. Death is the ultimate immersive experience I’ve ever before had.’ I haven’t attempted.’ As well as I was believing it would certainly be actually enjoyable to bring Tanya back because she’s a fantastic character, however perhaps that’s the trip for her, a journey to death,” he claimed.

“It’s not that I actually intended to exterminate Tanya because I love her as a character and also I clearly enjoy Jennifer Coolidge. I assumed we were going to Italy, she’s a queen, a larger-than-life women archetype, so we could come up with a sonant verdict to Tanya’s life and also her tale,” she included.

It was vital to White that Tanya not pass away at the hands of somebody else. That’s very Tanya,” she clarified.

HBO has actually already greenlit season 3 of The White Lotus, and because this is an anthology collection, the strategy is for there to be a new area as well as brand-new personalities. White hinted that the brand-new episodes can reference Greg’s murder story. “I assume as far as what’s going on with Greg and also Tanya’s death conspiracy, you may think Portia’s afraid enough to let it be, yet the truth that all those guys pass away on the ship indicates that someone will dig till they reach Greg,” he suggested.

” The initial season had to do with money, the second season is about sex, as well as I assume the third season is mosting likely to be perhaps some sort of amusing satirical look at death and also asian religion as well as spirituality, it seems like it could be an abundant tapestry to make one more batch of The White Lotus,” added White.

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