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They confirm what we suspected Norman Reedus stole from The Walking Dead set

After almost 12 years and 169 episodes, ‘The Walking Dead’ said goodbye to the target market. A collection that has noted an era with a plot that has actually been hooking its fans season after period as well as zombie after zombie. The filming finished, leaving all the fans sentimental and the cast members as well, for that reason, Norman Reedus, the star, who has played the survivor Daryl Dixon since the start, that commented that “I believe what I will miss out on one of the most is the people, not simply the cast, but also the team.

You come to be very attached to the group after as long. We’ve come to be great friends and also many of us still communicate.” He made certain to take a little part of the collection with him, while chatting with People he exposed his secret collection of props and also outfit pieces from the set.

” I was embracing individuals as well as saying and sobbing goodbye to every person due to the fact that I ended up driving home in my attire. I have everything”, said Norman Reedus but this was not the only item of the collection that now lives next to him in his home. In such a way, if the zombie apocalypse were to happen, Norman Reedus would be completely prepared to conserve his life.

So what did Norman Reedus take with him from the set of The Walking Dead?

In his interview with People, Norman Reedus shared that his collection includes “every other vest, as well as I assume every other crossbow. I believe I have like eight weapons now, which is insane.” In other words, he took everything that had not been guaranteed or had actually already been contributed to the Smithsonian. While he appropriately took some memorabilia, Norman Reedus also ensured to award the cast members, confirming, “I gave everyone these covered gifts … these special little blades that I would certainly made. It was bittersweet and unfortunate.”

Norman Reedus jokingly disclosed what he’s going to do if he’s homesick. Luckily, Reedus won’t have to go with zombie retirement for long, as he’s around to begin production on a follow-up series that will certainly take Mr. Dixon throughout the Atlantic Ocean to Europe for more zombie adventures.

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