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This is how Justin Chambers looked like Jennifer Lopez’s boyfriend long before Grey’s Anatomy

Justin Chambers ‘ last episode on Grey’s Anatomy aired on November 14, 2020. He was one of the last original cast members to be with the show in its infancy, back in the old days of Grey’s, and he remained the “person” from Meredith after Cristina left. Justin spent the last 15 years on a hit primetime drama that seems to have no end in sight. So, in a way, you could say that he gave up a pretty comfortable role.

On the other hand, she has enough other acting credits under her belt to pursue a career outside of what could be a demanding role at times. When news broke about Justin Chambers’ decision to leave Grey’s Anatomy before season 16 ended, he released a statement explaining his reasoning. He explained in his statement that he wanted to take time to focus on other potential projects, which could even mean working behind the camera instead of in front of it.

Justin Chambers spent most of his career as Alex Karev, the sarcastic doctor who turned out to be everyone’s favorite pediatric surgeon when he left Grey’s Anatomy. However, before Grey’s, he had appeared in series such as Cold Case and the film “The Wedding Planner” (Wedding Expert) in 2001, which was the first job that made him known internationally, playing “Massimo”, Jennifer Lopez’s boyfriend, and who her dad wanted her to marry.

Justin Chambers’ first major role was in 2001 with Jennifer Lopez.

Lopez plays the enviably organized and polished “Mary Fiore” who, as the film’s titular pro, has it all figured out when it comes to other people’s love, but has yet to meet the perfect man, and begins to wonder . if not she should settle for the one her doting Italian dad wants (yes, J.Lo is supposed to be Italian, just like Justin Chambers ‘ accent ). Fireworks appear in the form of pediatrician Steve (McConaughey), who is perfect except for the fact that he’s engaged to Fran (Bridgette Wilson-Sampras) and Mary is planning her wedding.

The film’s director shared that the main character was originally Armenian in the first version of the script, but was told by international distributors that audiences would not be interested; so they arranged for her to be Italian, with an Italian father selling her to Mr. Perfect Italian, which of course is the role played by a young Justin Chambers… and that’s supposed to be Mary’s origin even though star Jennifer Lopez He is of Puerto Rican descent. Let’s remember that this was in 2001, and representation in the casts was not a priority. Similarly, Justin was perfect for the character with his eccentric face.


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