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This is the particular memory that the actress Hannah Waddingham took from Game of Thrones

She had a darker function before talking with Ted and Keeley Jones over cookies in the break space, Waddingham played “Shame Nun” Septa Unella, a dedicated High Sparrow fan, in periods 5 and 6 of Game of Thrones. “I enjoyed functioning on Game of Thrones due to the fact that it indicated I could just sit resting in the trailer for hrs, look like I’ve been dug up, and also they would certainly be like, ‘Yeah, that looks excellent,'” Waddingham joked.

Followers will certainly bear in mind that Hannah Waddingham’s most unforgettable moment on Game of Thrones was leading a naked Cersei Lannister via the streets of King’s Landing, ringing a bell and also yelling “Shame on you!” So it makes good sense that Waddingham kept the iconic “Shame Bell”, as she described. “That’s when you recognize your character is truly dead, when they give you a things on collection. ‘And thanks significantly and also farewell,'” the actress stated, clarifying that she received the bell as a gift, instead of taking it from the set, Waddingham was unfortunately quiet on where specifically he concealed the bell in his home.

Hannah Waddingham’s friendship with Lena Heady, also known as Cersei Lannister, is another terrific prize that Hannah took with her. Although their personalities were temporal enemies on the program as well as shared several extreme scenes together, they are close in real life. “I need to state one point that the distressing experience of recording … We became unbelievably close.”

The Hannah Waddingham scene that was etched in the memory of followers

During a meeting, Hannah Waddingham stated “I’ve been very fortunate that these large shows have simply been ‘go in there and also do this,'” the actress replied. Waddingham has clearly shown that she is a functional entertainer, both on stage and on our screens. It’s easy to forget that Rebecca from “Ted Lasso” has anything in common with Septa Unella from “Thrones” … unless Rebecca starts yelling “Shame” at her AFC group from her Richmond.

Emmy champion Hannah Waddingham has her eye on an entirely various type of duty: that of the superhero category. “All the Marvel characters are fantastic,” Waddingham said. “I want to be one that absolutely breasts everyone’s rounds but looks remarkable doing it.”

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