Thor: Love and Thunder Jaimie Alexander Wants A Lady Sif TV Show With Beta Ray Bill

Thor: Love and Thunder Jaimie Alexander Wants A Lady Sif TV Show With Beta Ray Bill

Thor: Love and Thunder’s Jaimie Alexander wants a TV program concentrating on Lady Sif with Beta Ray Bill. Sif was most typically connected with Thor in the comics, yet she likewise showed up on her very own as one of Asgard’s fiercest warriors.

Because Thor, Alexander remained to represent Lady Sif in the MCU. She repeated the duty in Thor: The Dark World and also made cameo looks in Loki period 1 where Loki ran into Sif in a memory loop, and in 2 episodes of Agents of SHIELD. Alexander likewise voiced Sif in two episodes of the MCU’s computer animated series What if …?. She is expected to return as Sif in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder, which will be released on July 8. Sif has appeared in the MCU for over a years, and currently Alexander feels the personality deserves her very own program.

Alexander took to social media sites to recommend an idea for a possible Sif TV series. In a blog post on Instagram, the Thor: Love and Thunder actress asked what fans would certainly intend to see if the Asgardian warrior had her own series and also shared that she would love to see Sif and Beta Ray Bill together. Alexander posted numerous pictures of Sif and also Beta Ray Bill from different comics, art, and also animations and also even labelled Bill’s designer Walter Simonson in the article.

Alexander’s pointer may be the perfect property for a Sif series. While Surtur passed away after damaging Asgard in Thor: Ragnarok in the MCU, Beta Ray Bill as well as Sif can still fight devils with each other in a series either set prior to Thor: Ragnarok or in a multiverse plotline.

While some fans in the remarks may be asking yourself whether Alexander’s post is a teaser for a possible series, likely the actress wouldn’t be permitted to share if there was a Sif series in growth. For now, fans of Lady Sif will see her return in Thor: Love and Thunder when it premieres next week.

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