Timothy Wicks Murder: Where Are Dennis Gaede and Diane Fruge Today? Update

Timothy Wicks Murder: Where Are Dennis Gaede and Diane Fruge Today? Update

When Timothy or Tim Wicks, a hopeful drummer from Wisconsin, stated he had landed a job in Canada, his buddies and close ones showed up quite delighted. Examination Discovery’s ‘To Catch a Killer: The Real Tim Wicks’ chronicles Tim’s murder as well as reveals exactly how an efficient police examination brought the perpetrator to justice.

How Did Timothy Wicks Die?

Individuals who recognized him claimed that Tim put his every little thing into drumming as well as was all set to do whatever it took in order to make it large in the market. Towards the end of 2001, Tim appeared quite elated as he claimed to have landed a job in the Great White North.

Surprisingly, that was the last time anybody saw Tim alive considering that he totally disappeared off the grid and also was reported missing out on quickly after. As Tim was an adult, the authorities were at first hesitant to sign up a missing out on individual instance.

Much to everyone’s surprise, the mystery maintained strengthening as the days rolled on, and there was no news concerning the missing out on guy. Inevitably, on January 2, 2002, private investigators came across a dismembered body near the Michigan side of the Menominee River, while a human head was recuperated from the same river around 2 weeks later from Niagara, Wisconsin. Pretty soon, the cops had the ability to make use of oral documents as well as DNA to identify the remains as Tim Wicks’, while a postmortem examination figured out that he was fired as well as asphyxiated to death.

Who Killed Timothy Wicks?

Remarkably, throughout the missing out on person investigation, the cops went to Tim’s apartment or condo supervisor, that gave them a number the target had left. Oddly enough, investigators mapped the number to Fargo, North Dakota, yet were unable to locate the missing individual. They obtained in touch with the Fargo authorities department, which declared they were exploring a Tim Wicks, thought of embezzling funds. Although the information seemed rough in the beginning, the Fargo authorities validated that the Tim they desired was likewise a quite persuading drummer, more deepening the secret.

Authorities had recuperated Tim’s remains by this time as well as were encouraged that the instance was a murder. Therefore, seeing how Dennis was honestly utilizing Tim’s identity, he became their number one suspect.

The program mentioned that at that time, Dennis was founded guilty of unrelated embezzlement charges and also was serving a 4-year sentence in South Dakota. Ultimately, the authorities got their next substantial development when Dennis’ partner, Diane Fruge, came close to the cops. According to the show, she originally stated she had killed Tim due to the fact that he supposedly raped her. The authorities did not think her as well as pressed her additional till she came clean. Inevitably, Diane claimed she had observed her other half murder Tim as well as firmly insisted the two got accustomed when Tim looked for Dennis’ aid in doing taxes.

It was Dennis who informed Tim regarding the Canadian job however rather shot and also asphyxiated him to fatality. In addition, Diane additionally discussed that her spouse severed Tim’s body to hide the victim’s identity prior to forcing her to dispose it. Surprisingly, records kept in mind that at the time of the murder, Dennis was awaiting an unassociated trial and had jumped bail. Besides, he had also cleared out Tim’s bank account after obtaining his identification. Hence, with proper incriminating evidence on their hands, the authorities were ultimately able to apprehend Dennis Gaede.

Where Are Dennis Gaede as well as Diane Fruge Now?

When produced in court, Dennis demanded his innocence and claimed his partner, Diane, was responsible for the murder. Nonetheless, the jury rejected to agree and also instead convicted him of conscious murder. Consequently, Dennis was sentenced to life behind bars without parole in 2006. On the other hand, Diane was not charged with the murder yet had to spend six months in prison since she had actually violated a child custody order while relocating to Fargo with Dennis as well as her youngster.

Prison documents have no reference of Dennis Gaede at existing, we can assume that he is still behind bars, as parole is out of the concern. The show does state that Diane has because divorced Dennis.

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