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Tina Bowen: Where is Phrogging Survivor Now?

In 1986, when Massachusetts teenager Tina Bowen took place a harmless day with a local child her age, little did she understand that he would certainly wind up being her and also her family members’s worst nightmare in the coming months. Life time’s ‘Phrogging: Hider in My House’ details her experiences as well as just how the wrongdoer tortured the Bowen’s for almost a year by concealing in their very own house, doing something called “phrogging.” If you’re captivated to find out more concerning this painful case and also exactly how Tina is currently doing, enable us to calm your interests.

Who is Tina Bowen?

16-year-old Tina Bowen resided with her papa and older sister, Kathy, in Pepperell, Massachusetts. Gradually, Tina as well as Daniel formed a close bond over frequent telephonic discussions, and she found some relief from the grief of her mom’s death in her new pal.

Eventually, Daniel asked Tina for a date to the neighborhood fair, and also she conveniently agreed, only to realize that he was nothing she had actually thought of. A few days later on, the Bowen siblings decided to carry out an Ouija board session in an attempt to call their dead mom’s spirit.

While the end result of such activities is arguable, Tina and also Kathy were in for a surprise when they asked concerns to the Ouija board and also were consulted with a rhythmic knocking via the walls in feedback. Presuming it to be their dead mommy, the girls continued the session; nonetheless, points really did not end with that. Soon the so-called “pleasant spirit” transformed frustrating and also began intimidating them for numerous months by disarranging furnishings, flipping TV networks, and drinking remaining milk, whenever the girls left the space for a bit.

When they tried to inform their papa concerning it, Frank Bowen rejected their insurance claims as well as thought they were simply having a hard time to accept their mother’s fatality. The ladies had actually seen one more bloody message, this time on Tina’s space wall, as well as had hurried to the neighbor’s residence to call him.

He noticed the furniture to be also a lot more in disarray than the girls had described and also the just recently utilized toilet when Frank got here. After seeing the bloody messages himself, he investigated even more, as well as to everybody’s shock, Daniel LaPlante was concealing in his late better half’s wardrobe, dressed as a Native American and possessing a hatchet. The teenager took the Bowens and also the good friend captive in a space, however thankfully, Tina managed to escape to the neighbor’s place and also inform the police.

By the time the cops showed up, Daniel had disappeared, yet simply 2 days later on, when Frank returned to your house to recover some belongings, he saw him in the window once again. Thus, he fast educated the authorities, as well as this time, they handled to creep right into your house as well as catch Daniel. Furthermore, police officer Steve Bezanson shockingly found that for virtually a year, he had actually been covertly living in a crawl space between the wall surfaces that separated the pipes and also the bathroom pipes. Naturally, the Bowens were shaken by this discovery, as they were totally not aware of the complete stranger living in their residence as well as spying on their private minutes.

Where is Tina Bowen Today?

Returning to his initial victim Tina, life was never ever the exact same for her and also her household. According to author Joe Turner, who recorded Daniel’s life in his book, ‘The Bizarre Story of Daniel LaPlante,’ the sisters are still haunted by what they went through.

Kathy, Tina’s older embraced sister, still can’t rest in the dark as well as is counting down the days until LaPlante passes away,” Joe stated in an interview. Tina Bowen has actually chosen to stay away from the public eye as well as is not active on social media.

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