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TINI and Rodrigo de Paul take their love to another level thanks to the World Cup. Look at them!

The year in which Rodrigo de Paul became world champion has also been one of great personal changes. He ended his long-term relationship with Camila Homs, mother of his two children, and began a media romance with TINI.

The Triple T did not hesitate to show his unconditional support during the World Cup, even traveling to Qatar to shout from the stands in several matches

After winning the final, TINI overflowed her love on Instagram for her boyfriend: “I LOVE YOU I AM SO PROUD OF YOU AND I ADMIRE YOU SO MUCH.”

Well, this December 20, the interpreter of Lie to me and the midfielder met again, and they boasted of the romantic moment in networks.

But since love is never enough, the couple surprised thousands of fans this December 22.

The 28 year old athlete appeared by surprise in the middle of the special recital offered by the singer at the Campo Argentino de Polo in Buenos Aires…

Check them out in the video above and the words of love that were dedicated to each other!

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