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Tom Hagen: Where is Anne Elisabeth Hagen Husband Now?

Netflix’s ‘The Lørenskog Disappearance’ adheres to the story of a criminal offense that left the police officers baffled. In October 2018, Anne-Elisabeth Hagen went away from her home in the middle of the day, never ever to be seen again. Her kidnappers left a ransom note in which they threatened the husband, Tom Hagen, not to speak to the police or they would certainly harm his spouse. The series records the tale from the viewpoint of the detectives that invest years following a case that appears to go nowhere.

Quickly sufficient, the police officers begin to question if they would certainly been dealing with it the upside-down. If Tom Hagen had something to do with his other half’s loss, they begin to suspect. While the tale leaves the destiny of Anne-Elisabeth at an inconclusive point, we wonder what occurred to her husband. Where is Tom Hagen now? Allow’s find out.

Who is Tom Hagen?

Born in 1950, Tom Hagen is a Norwegian entrepreneur that came into the limelight after the mysterious disappearance of his spouse, Anne-Elisabeth Hagen. Considered one of the wealthiest guys in Norway, Hagen’s net worth in 2020 was estimated to be around $200 million, which is about 2 billion in Norwegian money.

Originally from Hadeland, Tom resided in Lørenskog with his spouse, Anne-Elisabeth, with whom he has 3 kids. He was involved in realty advancement in Lørenskog, together with the advancement of the Kvitfjell ski facility built for the men’s alpine competitors at the Winter Olympics in 1994. He likewise possesses buildings in Oslo, Fet, Lillehammer, and also Ringebu. In spite of his significant riches, Hagen has kept his standard of living in modesty. He was additionally referred to as being media reluctant and also never ever came to be the straw for media chatter until the loss of Anne-Elisabeth.

On October 31, 2018, Hagen came home from the workplace around 1:30 pm and also discovered that his spouse was gone. The indications of struggle in your home, along with a harmful ransom money note, persuaded him that Anne-Elisabeth was abducted. Regardless of the warning from the kidnappers, he promptly got in touch with the police officers, who performed a secret examination. At the crime scene, they found a plastic strip, a shoe print and also some blood discolorations, and also Anne-Elisabeth’s cellphone. They attempted to develop communication with the kidnappers, and Hagen supposedly paid them greater than a million bucks. Ten weeks later on, the polices decided it was best to make the situation public in the hopes that tips from people could bring even more information to light.

Where is Tom Hagen Today?

Tom Hagen resides in Lørenskog, though he has actually avoided speaking excessive about his wife with the media. He has actually just talked in detail regarding it in an interview with NRK, wherein he revealed his utter shock when he was apprehended by the police for the supposed murder of his wife in April 2020. After months of investigation into Anne-Elisabeth’s kidnapping yielded absolutely nothing, the cops determined to discover other methods. At first, they believed that Anne-Elisabeth was considered the function of ransom money, but the abductors didn’t seem so intent on getting the cash.

Regardless of duplicated attempts to develop communication with them, they didn’t respond well. The reality that they didn’t provide evidence of life for Anne-Elisabeth convinced the police officers that something else went to play right here. They thought that her fatality was being covered up under the guise of kidnapping. On April 25, 2020, Tom Hagen was jailed by the cops while he got on his way to function. It was believed by the police that Tom and also Anne-Elisabeth’s marriage had actually not been on good terms just recently.

The authorities further located that Anne-Elisabeth’s internet background recommended she had sought out separation. As a result, it was believed that Tom Hagen would certainly have needed to get rid of much of his lot of money if the divorce had actually experienced. This came out as a possible motive against him as well as he was charged with murder. The prosecution’s disagreements didn’t hold up well in court and also after an allure versus the remand that was previously authorized, Hagen was launched from guardianship after 11 days.

Ever since, no evidence has actually been advanced by the cops to confirm that Hagen was involved in the disappearance of his wife. When the uncertainty moved in the direction of him, Hagen was also executed a media trial, though points relaxed after the costs against him might not be promoted in court. His children have actually supported him throughout the investigation. Hagen shared his time following the disappearance of his better half as “difficult years.” “There is a lot of emptiness after an individual you have actually lived with for 50 years,” he informed NRK.

Concerning the reports bordering his marital relationship, Tom claimed, “A marital relationship that has lasted for around 50 years, not lots of individuals have in fact experienced it. Those that have actually experienced it know that life goes up and down. While the investigation right into Anne-Elisabeth’s loss proceeds and theories still abound concerning his involvement in it, Hagen has maintained his innocence via it all.

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