Tracey Kim Broderick: Where is Betty Broderick’s Daughter Now?

Tracey Kim Broderick: Where is Betty Broderick's Daughter Now?

Netflix’s ‘Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story’ is the eight-part 2nd season of the true-crime compilation series, which, as the title suggests, delves deep into the debatable tale of Elizabeth “Betty” Broderick. Back in 1989, she killed her ex-husband, Daniel T. Broderick III, as well as his 2nd spouse, Linda, just 7 months after they got married because of the noticeable mental toll her as well as Dan’s four-year-long divorce procedures handled her. Nonetheless, the a single person who captured our focus the most on the show was their oldest daughter, Tracey. Let’s discover out all that there is to know concerning her, shall we?

That is Tracey Broderick?

The name of Betty as well as Dan Broderick’s eldest youngster has actually been altered to Tracey for personal privacy as well as television functions on the show, however, in reality, her name is Kim Broderick. Kim had to hear Betty vent about her feelings and troubles with Dan as well as Linda instead than simply be a kid.

Kim was likewise the first person her mommy apparently called in the early hrs of November 5, 1989, to admit that she had shot her ex-husband and also his brand-new other half. Consequently, Kim indicated versus Betty throughout her murder test. Kimberly, who prefers to pass Kim, insisted that while her mother told her everything about the violation, she never ever when wept, simply that her voice kept on trembling. Her younger sis affirmed also, however Kim’s held even more weight as she likewise spoke about exactly how Betty had planned to eliminate herself that evening yet could not as the bullets went out.

Where is Kim Broderick Now?

In the early 1990s, Kim Broderick’s partnership with her mommy spiraled even better as Betty called her a “traitor” and also informed her, “I wish you were never ever birthed” and also “I despise your intestines,” as per Kim’s declarations to the court. In the years that have adhered to, she has rejected to support the now 73-year-old’s freedom from prison. Betty was qualified for parole in both 2010 as well as 2017, but, unlike her younger sister, Kathy Lee, as well as the youngest Broderick child, Rhett, Kim does not promote for her to be a complimentary female once more. Kim has confessed that she and also her brother or sisters have actually involved agree to differ on this matter.

Kim appears to maintain an amicable partnership with Betty now and also has actually also seen her behind bars a few times. In her 2014 tell-all narrative, the oldest Broderick kid disclosed that she regularly sends her mommy care packages as well as that her imprisonment is something that hangs over her head to this day. Therefore, from what we can inform, today, at the age of 51, Kim leads a private life in Idaho with a family members of her own.

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