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Uche Elendu, Benedict Johnson in a war of words over ‘Bestie’ claims

By Kehinde Olusanya

All is not well between Nollywood actress Uche Elendu and her male colleague, Benedict Johnson.

It all began with Elendu airing her opinion on male and female friends being besties.

She claimed to have had a male bestie but things fell apart when his girlfriends became insecure about their friendship.

In a swift response, Benedict Johnson, lambasted Elendu claiming she has a dirty past he wouldn’t hesitate to expose should she not stop shading him.

In a short video, Johnson warned Elendu to keep his name out of her mouth saying, “Uche Elendu stop calling me out, be careful, I have decided to let the sleeping dog lie and will tolerate no-nonsense.”

Responding to Johnson, Elendu took to her Instagram story to express her disappointment while claiming Johnson was never her bestie.

“It’s really good to know some extinct people are only relevant when they are associated with my name.

“Hey Benedict Johnson don’t be unfortunate, you were never my bestie so shut up and face your family. Are you not a married man with kids? Please respect your masculinity and shut up,” she wrote.

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