Unbreakable Ending Explained: Discovering A Supehero Story

Superhero movies? A strong hero looking to make things right wearing a spandex costume and having powers unusual to a normal being. Then an arch-nemesis of his who faced the wrongs of the world and making things right on his own. Well, that’s all these stories primarily be about. But that norm was broken by the 2000s Unbreakable which told a story in its own way. Yes, it was much like an origin story but told in a way different way than we ever saw on screens. So here is our take on Unbreakable and getting its ending explained right.

M. Night Shyamalan directed Unbreakable with Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, Robin Wright Penn, Spencer Treat Clark, and Charlayne Woodard leading the film. The movie was praised for its performances and its emotional weight. Even today it has a cult following in the world where superhero movies kind of rule. There is almost everyone coming up with a superhero tale to tell. But Unbreakable was kind of ahead of this time and came way back in 2000. So anyway, let’s break the movie down.

Unbreakable Plot Summary

Unbreakable tells the story of two distinct individuals. First, we have Elijah Price who was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta. Meaning, his bones were quite weak which may break easily. Throughout his life, Elijah struggled with it and never fitted in with the other kids. But comic books featuring superheroes is something that encouraged him and he grew up to be a comic book theorist owning an art gallery of it. He believes that if God has made him this weak, there is someone out there too strong to live as well. Thus he is searching for that person taking inspiration from the comics.

Unbreakable Plot

From Unbreakable Featuring Bruce Willis as David Dunn and Samuel L. Jackson as Elijah Price

Next, we meet is David Dunn, a security guard who along with a man survives a train accident that kills over 100 passengers. But he doesn’t even get a scratch while the man who survived with him is on the verge of dying. The train accident becomes a headline. Elijah suspects this is the man he is looking for and sends him a letter asking him if he was ever sick. After rethinking about his accidental survival without a single scratch makes David question. This leads him to a quest to figure out his medical history which reveals he has hardly been sick.

David Dunn decides to meet Elijah and takes his son along. Initially, Elijah thinks David is the one but flaws such as David is 75% sure he is never sick and has been in a car accident previously that made him quit football comes in. Elijah is disappointed he is not the perfect person he was looking for. Plus, even David too since he came to look for answers but failed. But both are not looking forward to losing hope.

Unbreakable Ending Explained

David Dunn Discovers His Powers

David Dunn doesn’t lose hope and rethinks about it. Even Elijah by accompanying him on his job. During his job, David points out a man he believes is a criminal with a  gun, and if he is he will leave the line. The suspect does the same and Elijah is shocked and questions him. David just doesn’t know he just had a knack for guessing the criminals from the face. Elijah later follows the suspected man and does find out he has a gun. In the process, he even falls from the stairs and hurts himself.

David Discovers his Powers

From Unbreakable Featuring Bruce Willis as David Dunn

Elijah comes to a hospital where David’s wife Audrey works. She doesn’t know her husband knows Elijah but Elijah does know who she is. He questions her about her past with David and figures out she hated the sport David played. As in American football because it involves a lot of wrestling and getting hurt as well. Elijah now believes David was just looking for a way to get away from the sport to marry Audrey and he didn’t actually suffer in a car accident.

At the same time, David acknowledges his super-strength when he can lift any amount of weight. David’s son believes his father is indeed a superhero leading him to even try a gun on him. David takes it away and the next day Elijah meets David again and questions everything he found out after meeting Audrey. That’s where David reveals to him his fear of water and pneumonia and questions superheroes’ existence.

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David Dunn Becomes The Superhero

Later when David is leaving for New York. Elijah hits a call again and tells him the fear of water is nothing but weakness. Every superhero tends to have a weakness. That’s his. Elijah reveals he has the same fear and this way they are connected. This leads David to reveal that the car accident actually didn’t harm him but only his wife. He asks Elijah for guidance. He tells him to go crowded and channel the power he used to figure out criminals.

David Becomes The Hooded Superhero In The Ending Of Unbreakable

From Unbreakable Featuring Bruce Willis as David Dunn

David does the same at a Philadelphia station and realizes the people around who committed several crimes in the past. Amidst this, there was one who was committing one at the moment by kidnapping a mother and two girls. David follows the man and rescues two girls but in time the man pushes him into water. After almost dying, he is rescued by the two girls. David proceeds to kill the man and later finds out the mother was already dead.

The next day, the newspaper hits headlines about a guy in a hoodie saving two girls. This is none other than David who wore the same thing and girls didn’t see his face in turn. He nods to his son who realizes his father is a superhero, Next thing, he goes to Elijah, to tell the truth. So towards the ending of Unbreakable, David does become a hero he never looked forward to.

Elijah is The Supervillain

So in the ending moments of Unbreakable, David visits Elijah’s comic art gallery and meets his mother who tells him about his hardships. Now she is a proud mother of what he has done today. David later meets Elijah who is reading the same paper featuring David’s superhero story. David tells him the experience and Elijah asks for a shaking hand. That’s when David realizes Elijah’s past crimes. These involved a huge number of them including the train accident David was involved in.

Elijah becomes the Villain towards the ending of Unbreakable

From Unbreakable Featuring Samuel L. Jackson as Elijah Price

Elijah confessed he did all those crimes to find out his nemesis as in David, the perfect superhero. Thus making him the supervillain. He was so obsessed with comics, he tried to become part of it. The movie closes in with David informing the cops and they taking Elijah in. But Elijah is sent to a mental facility after he is deemed criminally insane. That’s all for the ending of Unbreakable. You can buy the film for a rewatch at Amazon Prime Video.

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