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Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! Season 2 Episode 5 Recap, Ending, Explained

Shinichi notifications that the titular protagonist has actually been acting far-off as well as really cold lately. It is later disclosed that she is dissatisfied that her senpai never cared to call her Hana however asked for her mother’s authorization to utilize her very first name. Later on that day, Uzaki’s papa comes to know concerning Shinichi as well as her daughter’s supposedly intimate relationship.

Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

The day after seeing Hana’s home to discover to prepare from her mom, Shinichi goes to the coffee shop to meet every person even though he gets on a leave. Hana is still acting chilly as well as remote as well as her senpai is unable to grasp what most likely led to such a situation. When he describes every little thing that took place the previous day, Ami instantly explains that their friend is clearly upset by the fact that he began using Hana’s mommy’s given name however never ever attempted to treat her similarly.

After being caught, Shinichi does not have much of an alternative, so he takes place to apologize to Hana as well as finally utilizes her name. Hana is normally over the moon and asks him to claim it multiple times. Later that day, Shinichi visits a brand-new gym where he shocks the instructor with his endurance, not knowing that he just fulfilled Hana’s dad, Fujio. Fujio finds out concerning Hana’s senpai and instantly calls a conference when he returns home that evening.

Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! Season 2 Episode 5 Ending

As soon as Fujio familiarizes that Hana has lately been spending so much time with a person as well as the two appear to be dating each other, he immediately calls for an immediate household meeting. As the Uzakis collect at the table, he tells Yanagi as well as Kiri that their sister has a guy. The two brother or sisters can barely regulate their laughter as well as start teasing their older sibling. Fujio does not hold back as well as asserts that he recognized this would happen as soon as Hana goes to college. No one in the household actually agrees with his overprotective small talk.

Tsuki informs her partner that if he continues to prod way too much, their kids will certainly wind up disliking him. Meanwhile, Yanagi sustains her sibling completely and informs her to be certain in herself as she is an adult currently. Kiri couldn’t care less concerning the whole issue as he really feels that his papa is certainly going to overreact for no reason. Luckily, Fujio has a routine of blending topics and he winds up talking on an unconnected subject for some time. Simply when Hana really feels that he has ignored the boyfriend conference, Yanagi asks her sibling about Shinichi once again. If Hana has a picture of him so that the household can at the very least see him, she questions.

Hana lies that there are no pictures. Yanagi’s inquisitiveness expands once more as well as she asks yourself how high Shinichi should be. When Hana exposes that he is 180 centimeters high, the entire family is naturally stunned.

Hana has actually had enough by this point and she takes place a tirade in which she clarifies that Shinichi is a major person that doesn’t consume or smoke, always aids her with her research, suches as to play video games, and is interested in developing muscle mass. She mistakenly likewise ends up adding that his space is constantly tidy. Everyone all of a sudden goes silent as well as Hana is quick to clarify that she only went there to cook for him or play video games. Tsuki is surprised by this since she anticipated both to have a far more intimate partnership.

Hana is not done yet, she likewise includes that the two of them are not dating each various other and she just hangs out with Shinichi due to the fact that he is a loner. The family meeting ends on an inconclusive note, but everyone’s point of view of Shinichi has drastically transformed. Tsuki currently frets that he can be into her, while Yanagi is persuaded that her sibling likes her senpai. On the other hand, Fujio is astonished as he thinks that Shinichi has some factor not to like her child even though she did so much for him. In all this dramatization, Hana herself is yet to understand her sensations, so her family’s confusion is easy to understand.

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