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Vampire Academy Season 1 Finale Recap, Ending, Explained

Peacock’s ‘Vampire Academy’ completes its very first season with an action-packed finale that leaves the destinies of its major personalities in deep unpredictability. The future of the Dominion is in the dark as the risk of the Strigoi impends larger than ever. As opposed to offering the audiences some responses, the finale throws more questions into the mix, establishing the tale for the 2nd season. While the true destiny of the characters will only be disclosed when the second season gets here, below we break down the ending of Season 1 and also analyze what exists ahead for the Moroi and also their guardian. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Vampire Academy Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

The Dominion falls under a harsh strike from the Strigoi that run around, creating chaos. Christian realizes that the only opportunity for survival is to restore the protective wall around the Dominion, one that the Strigoi can not cross. Yet the trouble is that the vital to closing that door has been taken, which calls for a new key to be made. Meanwhile, Lissa discovers herself in a much more perilous circumstance when the Queen is infected. She attempts to heal the king, but it doesn’t work, and also she is compelled to flee for her life.

Rose and Mason drive away into the human globe, yet they transform back when Mason tells her that Dimitri is in jail, which means that Lissa is unsafe. When back, they come up with a strategy to leave the area prior to the next Strigoi strike.

Vampire Academy Season 1 Finale Ending: What Happens to Rose as well as Lissa?
At the start of the season, when we first satisfy Rose as well as Lissa, we discover them making strategies regarding leaving the Dominion as well as venturing out right into the world by themselves. At this time, Lissa’s family is still alive so she does not have the stress of the claim to the throne and also the politics that includes it. Rose, as well, is however focused on completing her training and coming to be Lissa’s guardian. While it is frightening to consider leaving the secured walls of the Dominion, they are excited by the possibility.

By the time they wind up leaving the Dominion, they are not the exact same individuals anymore. A great deal has happened by now as well as this time, escaping is not an option or a journey. It is a need for their survival. With the Queen dead, Tatiana makes a move for the throne. She requires the council to elect her, but she recognizes that there are still some fans of Victor that could produce troubles for her. So, she unleashes a number of Strigoi, who conveniently kill all those who may stand against her.

By the end of the evening, the ballot is over as well as made with, and also Tatiana is crowned as the queen of the Dominion. As soon as that happens, she states Lissa an individual of interest in the murder of the Queen. It is essential for her to obtain Lissa out of the way due to the fact that she is the only one that can bet a case on the throne currently, challenging Tatiana’s authority. Before she passed away, the Queen had actually stated Lissa to be her beneficiary to the throne, as well as there may still be some followers of the Dragomir household that would love to see Lissa on the throne, as opposed to Tatiana.

With her sibling gone and also her track record stained, Lissa has no choice but to flee. At least up until she can locate a means to strike back at Tatiana. She is accompanied by Rose, that is not mosting likely to leave Lissa anymore. The last time she did it, disastrous things took place. Currently, with her friend going out right into the world, she can not allow her do it on her own. Additionally, without Lissa, there is nothing tying Rose to the Dominion anymore. Besides Dimitri, that is. Yet today, her best friend requires her more.

Another thing that gives function to Rose’s brand-new adventure is the opportunity to meet her father. The only point that she learns about him is that he is Moroi. Her Dhampir mother, Janine, never ever talked about him, as well as Rose had actually always held an animosity against her dad for deserting her. This was likewise the reason, except for Lissa, she never felt a particular task towards the Moroi. Currently, nevertheless, she has the possibility to connect with her dad. Knowing that she is strolling into a dangerous globe, her mommy desires her to have all the help she can get. While the program does not expose anything more regarding Rose’s dad, the easy reality that there is now a method to call him means that the second season will certainly introduce him to the target market, including a brand-new chapter in Rose’s life.

It turns out that Christian is now the head of his household since his auntie died in the Strigoi assault. He is likewise one of the monks now, which means that there is a new path laid out for him, which might open him to more secrets related to the vampires.

Dimitri, despite wanting to entrust to Rose and Lissa, stays back to keep an eye on Tatiana. Also despite all that has actually occurred, he and Tatiana were on instead excellent terms the last time they saw each other. Now, someone needs to be near to her in order to figure out what her plan actually is. Dimitri can do that as well as learn a way to reveal her, strip her of her power, and also assist bring Lissa back to the throne.

Is Andre Dead?

One of the biggest twists of this season is the revelation of Andre’s fate. It turns out that he never died in the car crash that had claimed the lives of Lissa’s family.

His reunion with Lissa is short-lived. He is only able to tell her that Tatiana is the villain in this story. He hands over a chip to her, though Lissa has no idea what it means.

Technically, he is not dead, but this doesn’t spell good news for Lissa. Her brother as a Strigoi is as good as dead, however, there are still many things that she and Rose need to figure out. Until then, they’ll have to be very cautious, because now, with Tatiana on the throne, the Strigoi are more powerful than before.

His presence is also dangerous for Lissa because he can be used as leverage by Tatiana to force the young Dragomir out of hiding. Strigoi or not, Andre is still Lissa’s brother, and she’ll do anything to keep him alive. What lengths she’ll actually have to go to will only be revealed next season.

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