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Venom 2: Why Carnage Is A Red Symbiote?

What do we know about Venom 2: Why Carnage Is A Red Symbiote. After a prolonged wait, Sony has finally released the trailer of the much-awaited flick Venom: Let There Be Carnage. Tom Hardy returns in the lead role and enough spotlight on Woody Harrelson, who stars as the antagonist Carnage. With the newest trailer on track, fans could not help but realize that the antagonist turns into a red monster named Carnage. Here, we will unravel the reason of whether or not he is a red symbiote. As the trailer comes with a tagline, you are what you eat, and the sequel is already creating a buzz around!

The movie will be pitting the two against each other while Carnage seems to be Marvel’s most evil villain. Carnage is horrifyingly built on the fact that Kasady is a ruthless serial killer, which allows him to stand far apart from Venom, who is sometimes depicted as an anti-hero. It’s because of this difference that Spider-Man and Venom have often found themselves on the same side when a conflict with Carnage arises. Let us take a look at all the details of Venom 2: Why Carnage Is A Red Symbiote?

Venom 2: Why Carnage Is A Red Symbiote?

While fans saw in the trailer that Kasady had tuned it o a powerful red monster and it was the first instance that indicates that the vicious serial killer is a red symbiote. The reason for him turning into a red symbiote takes us back to an even bigger question of what caused the monster to be created in the first place. In the recently released trailer, fans are taken to the first scene where Kasady is shown to be in prison when he bites Eddie on the hand. Kasady, who is a serial killer, soon understands and comments on the unusual taste of his blood.

Will Eddie Be Able To Overpower Carnage?

Poster for Venom: Let Ther be Carnage.

Now, let’s explore the story of the original comic book version of the story. It is revealed that Eddie and Kasady were in prison together until Eddie was freed by the return of the Venom symbiote. However, before he was freed, a black symbiote had spawned an offspring in the prison cell. While it felt abandoned and left out, it soon entered Kasady’s body through a cut on his hand. It might also be the reason why Kasady chose Eddie to tell him his story.

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Venom: Let There Be Carnage: Cast, Plot And Other Details.

The movie is directed by Andy Serkis. Tom Hardy reprises his role in the lead, and Woody Harrelson will star in the role of the antagonist Cletus Kasady/Carnage. The sequel also stars  Michelle Williams and Naomie Harris. If you haven’t already seen the newest trailer, here’s the brand new trailer of Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

The much-awaited sequel Venom: Let There be Carnage is all set to make its debut in theaters on 24th September 2021. The movie is a part of Marvel. So, the question, “will the movie be available to watch on Disney ?” lingers in our minds. We will get an announcement soon. While there were rumors of Peter Parker being a part of the movie, we did not see him in the trailer. Is he going to make a cameo role in the movie to help Eddie overpower Carnage?

Is Carnage Afraid Of Venom In The Upcoming Sequel?

The newest trailer of the sequel of Venom is raising several new questions. As a serial killer, Kasady transforms into a vicious monster, Carnage. In the official trailer, fans were quick to notice that Eddie struggles a bit in his encounter with Kasady.

Venom 2: Why Carnage Is A Red Symbiote

Venom and Carnage.

While Carnage is one of Marvel’s most powerful villains, it seems like he might pose a huge threat to Eddie’s Venom as well. As Carnage managed to overpower Eddie every time they meet, it is going to be a force battle between the two. We will get an answer once the movie makes its way into the theatres this fall! Till then, we have too many fan theories about the sequel to look out for!

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