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Vicente Fernandez: This is how the famous phrase “As long as they don’t stop clapping, I won’t stop singing” arose

Vicente Fernandez became one of one of the most vital vocalists of ranchera music in Mexico. His legacy as well as commitment to the public was commemorated via his phrase” As long as the general public does not stop praising, I do not stop singing.”

The Mexican singer, that passed away on December 12, 2021, began worldwide of songs at the age of 14, for a number of decades his voice made him a successful exponent of ranchera music, he likewise ventured into the movie theater.

His performances were one-of-a-kind, considering that the public recognized that Vicente Fernandez provided everything on phase as well as his fans reacted to his delivery with their praise, so “El Charro de Huentitan” assured his fans that, if they were still going to listen to him, he would not stop translating his hits arsenal. A phrase that accompanied him not only until 2016 when he said goodbye to the stage, yet up until the end of his days.

Origin of the phrase

Every single time Vicente Fernandez stated it, the target market applauded louder and he sang with more emotion. In a meeting with Imagen Televisión, he stated that every little thing arose in León, Guanajuato, Mexico, when he entertained in tiny palenques. He was happy to have the microphone and did not want to leave the stage despite the organizer’s persistence that he complete his act.

“One day that nonsense occurred to me, at first in the palenques 3 or four songs were sung, yet the public did not go to the cockfights, they went to see their musician and it was in León that in the fourth song a businessman informed me. “Let’s see, gents, it’s the business person and also he’s telling me to get in currently, what do you assume since as long as you don’t stop clapping, I will not stop singing”, as well as that’s where he was birthed.

But individuals kept applauding for each one of his tracks, since his skill was obvious, due to the fact that he lived to sing, so as soon as he leaves the stage he goes back to his hotel to remainder and if essential he really did not pursue several days to recoup his voice., due to the fact that I never withstand the general public for a hoarseness.

Although that he said goodbye to the stage in 2016 with the show “Un Azteca en el Azteca”, and paused from his break to execute with his son Alejandro and his grand son Alex at the 2019 Latin Grammys, the audience never delegated applaud. Praise that he took with him to eternity.

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