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Vulgarity is not new to the industry, says Azadus

By Adeniyi Adewoyin

NIGERIAN musician, Olalekan Fadeyi aka Azadus has said that the current trend of vulgarity in the music industry is not a new fad.

Azadus said this in an exclusive chat with The Nation recently.

The “You is the one” singer, said music artists should be left alone to express themselves in the best way they can because being vulgar didn’t start from the new generation’s acts.

“Vulgarity is not new, it has been there since back in the days,” he said while fielding questions about the current rate of lewd content by rave music acts.

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“If you listen to Sir Shina Peter, King Sunny Ade, Barrister, Ebenezer Obey, you would hear them sing about these things but in a more coded way so it is not new,” he said.

Speaking further, Azadus who is currently working on a return to the music industry gave his opinion about pioneer artists getting homage from the new acts.

He said “what do you need homage for? Leave homage alone. If you deserve it, it would come to you naturally, not you asking for it. Dr. Labo has just been honored from Ghana without asking for it but it came to him because he deserves it. Don’t go about looking for honor, it comes to you naturally if you deserve it, let your work speak for you.”

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