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Warriors Vs Celtics: Nine Plays That Explain Golden State’s Decisive Game 5 Victory In The 2022 NBA Finals

The Golden State Warriors are one triumph away from a champion. In a manner, their Game 5 win was precisely the opposite of their Game 4 triumph– after Stephen Curry brightened TD Garden for 43 points on 14-for-26 capturing on Friday, he scored just 16 factors on 7-for-22 capturing at Chase Center in their 104-94 triumph on Monday. In an additional way, it was exceptionally comparable– the Warriors won by 10 points, closed down the Boston Celtics in the fourth quarter and also got rid of an ineffective offending efficiency.

Hey man, nice begin

In the first four video games of the NBA Finals, Golden State gradually tilted its attack towards Curry running high pick-and-rolls. It started Game 5, nevertheless, with traditional Warriors activity. Curry hands the ball off to Otto Porter Jr., then cuts along the standard, with Al Horford face guarding him. When Porter slides a display, there’s no edge defense, as Robert Williams III is protecting the round and Horford is preoccupied with Curry:

The Celtics have actually done a superb task defending Golden State’s off-ball actions, but that does not suggest coach Steve Kerr is mosting likely to fail to fixed pick-and-rolls. Because every action requires protectors to believe and interact, the Warriors want to make Boston deal with numerous activities.

The very first property of the video game gave a neat microcosm of the battle taking area whenever Golden State has the ball. Defending the Warriors is stressful, as well as they think that, if they maintain running their things, the challenger will eventually put on down.

This container was the start of a 14-4 Warriors run in which Curry represented just 2 factors.

Simple game

In Boston’s series-opening win, Tatum had 13 helps and also Horford made 6 3s. In Game 3, the Celtics’ other win, Tatum had nine aids and also they effectively targeted Curry. This late-second-quarter ownership, which ended with a Horford kickout 3 from Tatum, shows what has actually benefited Boston offensively in this series:

Tatum got into the paint with great spacing around him, broke down the defense, made Andre Iguodala believe he was passing to Jaylen Brown in the edge as well as struck Horford for an open 3. Boston’s trouble is that this didn’t happen almost enough. This was only the Celtics’ second 3-pointer of the game– they missed their initial 12– as well as Tatum finished with four helps. It is not a coincidence that his various other aids all came in the third quarter, the one that they dominated.

” When we’re at our finest, it’s straightforward sphere activity,” Boston train Ime Udoka claimed. “I assume the 3rd quarter showed that. The drive and kick was gorgeous, was functioning, getting men wide-open shots.”

Similar to they drew it up

Here’s a profoundly strange series: After a double-team on Tatum and a take, Curry declines to take a pull-up 3 in shift, perhaps alarmed by Robert Williams III behind him. He provides the ball up to Green, that terminates a lefty pass to Klay Thompson on the opposite side. Thompson assaults Horford’s close-out, then goes into an outrageous, one-legged runner over Williams from, oh, 17 feet or so? Check out Green’s reaction when this enters:

Thompson do with 21 factors on 7-for-14 capturing, including 5-for-11 from deep. This is a fairly ridiculous take in any type of NBA game, let alone Game 5 of the NBA Finals, yet it’s Thompson, so it had not been surprising when it entered.

Why did I include this? Since the Warriors had nine swipes to Boston’s 2, and 5 of those Golden State swipes led directly to pails on the various other end.


The Celtics really did not totally transform how they safeguarded Curry, yet they did selectively get even more hostile. Below, they toss a surprise double-team at him, however Curry steadly gets Tatum out of his way, keeps penetrating and locates Gary Payton II for a layup with a crisp, lefty pass:

This is my favorite of Curry’s 8 assists, and it shows why the Celtics have actually hesitated to put two on the ball versus him. He missed all nine of his 3-pointers, but still left his imprint on the game.

” It’s simply making use of that aggressiveness versus them,” Curry said. The fact, you know, I do not know if I have even more than like 5 assists the first 4 video games, as well as that overall goes up, and also we still left a whole lot out there due to the fact that we have various ways to attack you, even if it’s not me just trying to search shots. And also utilizing gravity, utilizing round motion, all that type of things to do regular Warriors basketball.

That’s a quick break

After falling behind by five, the Warriors made a collection of change plays late in the third quarter and also early in the fourth to take momentum back. You likely keep in mind Jordan Poole’s banked-in, buzzer-beating 3, however below’s one more one that will harm to view in movie, starring Green and also Payton at full speed:

This is dreadful transition defense by Boston, and it’s representative of Golden State’s way of thinking. This was not a Curry video game, so it needed to hunt up points nevertheless it could. In this case, that suggests Green pushing the pace when the Warriors don’t have the numbers and also sending out a bounce pass precisely where it needed to go to turn a 2-on-3 burglarize two points– at exactly the right time.

” The feedback to Boston’s run to me was the essential to the video game,” Golden State trainer Steve Kerr stated after the win.

Green has actually been speaking about playing with “pressure” at essentially every press conference throughout the Finals. That does not merely suggest playing physical defense; it indicates making hostile plays such as this, invoking high-percentage racking up chances out of thin air versus a defense that does not enable many of them.

Tough look

With nine minutes to go and the Warriors on a 13-0 run, Marcus Smart ran a dribble-handoff with Brown method outside the 3-point line. Instead than attempting to make Poole protect a 2nd activity, Brown sized up Green individually.

I get that Green offered Brown some space, but, down by 11 factors, with 14 on the shot clock, I do not enjoy this shot. The Celtics had little margin for mistake now, so it needs to have been searching for greater than one-action, one-isolation ownerships, unless the individual safeguarding that isolation is a weak defender. After hearing Boston lament its “stationary” late-game violation in the previous video game, this was a tough look.

Udoka recommended that tiredness might have influenced the team’s decision-making down the stretch.

Wiggins saves the day

Curry takes a look at Wiggins after the pass, initial pointing at Thompson and afterwards requiring the sphere himself. Wiggins has various other concepts, taking 2 dribbles and entering into a righty hook of types against Horford. It really felt too ambitious to me, however possibly it shouldn’t have– he had currently made many contested shots off the bounce, and also he ‘d make an almost similar one a couple of minutes later against Williams.

Wiggins completed with 26 points on 12-for-23 shooting, plus 13 rebounds. He got his points in all type of methods, not simply by crashing the glass, running the flooring and also hitting spot-up 3s. (In reality, he missed all 6 of his 3-point efforts.) When Curry was cold as well as the team needed him to bail out an ownership, he required. What a collection he is having.

” He’s most definitely certain,” Kerr claimed. “He’s certainly enjoying the playoffs. He likes the challenge. He enjoys the competitors. And he’s found such an important role on our team, and also I think that equips him. He recognizes just how much we need him, so he’s been amazing.” I thought this was an awful choice by Andrew Wiggins prior to the shot entered:

GPII frees Steph

Up by 10 with less than five mins on the clock, Golden State ran its reliable blog post divides– Payton passes to Green from the boundary, then establishes a display for Curry, just this moment Curry didn’t use it, rather cutting into the paint, where Green discovered him for a floater:

It’s a terrific read by Curry with Smart top-locking him, as well as it’s an additional excellent pass from Green. But it’s likewise an instance of the Warriors getting utilized to their opponent– they understand that Williams is disregarding Payton, that makes him a dangerous screener. And Curry understands that Williams is anticipating that he’ll come off the display on the left side, so the edge protector is simply a step or more too away to reach the shot.

Not the sort of ‘pressure’ you desire

Here’s Tatum driving left versus Wiggins, picking up his dribble and missing a turn-around jumper over Green:

No passing away, no screening, no absolutely nothing. The Warriors are also good defensively for this method. Due to the fact that there’s little possibility that Boston was concerning to remove a 12-point lead anyhow, perhaps it doesn’t matter. Yet it really felt desperate, particularly in comparison to just how Golden State was playing offensively.

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