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Was Donatella Colasanti in a Real Rape Victim?

Angelo Izzo and Gianni Guido, who study at the organization, satisfy Donatella Colasanti through one of their schoolmates. The two pals obtain closer to Donatella as well as invite her to a vacation home of their good friend. What begins as a calm evening comes down right into barbarous physical violence when Donatella gets raped and tortured by Angelo, Gianni, and their friend Andrea Ghira.

Was Donatella Colasanti a Real Rape Victim?

Yes, Donatella Colasanti is a real rape victim. In 1975, Donatella was a 17-year-old lady that stayed in Montagnola. Prior to meeting Angelo as well as Gianni, Donatella and also her buddy were given a lift by a buddy of both children. With him, Angelo and also Gianni after that satisfied Donatella and also her close friend Rosaria Lopez and also the two kids proposed a trip to Lavinio. They drove to San Felice Circeo under the pretense that they are going to the vacation home of their mutual friend yet it was the suite of Andrea Ghira’s household. After arriving at the villa, Gianni apparently got a weapon to terrify both ladies.

Andrea joined Angelo and Gianni as well as the 3 young boys raped as well as tortured Donatella and also Rosaria for 35 hours. Donatella pretended to be dead, only for the three killers to cover her as well as Rosaria in plastic and put them in the trunk of Gianni’s dad’s auto. The killers drove to Rome and also when they were away, Donatella made audios by striking the trunk of the car, only for an evening watchman to pay attention to the same.

How Did Donatella Colasanti Die?

Donatella Colasanti died on December 30, 2005, at the age of 47, while enduring from metastatic breast cancer, the most advanced stage of breast cancer cells. Even though she was going through chemotherapy to combat her cancer cells that had actually spread to various other parts of her body, Donatella eventually gave in to the same.

Upon running away from Angelo, Gianni, and Andrea, Donatella defended her fellow women. She played a significant function in the acknowledgment of rape as a criminal activity versus the liberty of a person and not against public morality in Italy, which paved the way for an amendment of the law concerning the exact same. She was also vocal regarding and also against the semi-release of Angelo, which caused him killing Maria Carmela Linciano as well as her daughter Valentina Maiorano in 2005.

In Italy, Donatella is still thought of and also valued. Her home in Sezze, a town situated in the Province of Latina, is presently an anti-violence facility, established to prevent and fight any form of gender-based violence in her honor. Donatella’s daddy Roberto Colasanti remembers her as a person that accomplished “important outcomes for the country” by defending females’s rights as well as justice.

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