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Was Rosaria Lopez in a Real Rape Victim, Who Killed Her?

Netflix’s criminal activity film ‘The Catholic School’ revolves around the pupils of St. Luigi High School, a recognized Catholic establishment situated in Rome, Italy. Gian Pietro, one of the trainees of the establishment, happens to give a lift to Donatella Colasanti as well as her buddy Nadia. He talks about the very same to his close friends Angelo Izzo and also Gianni Guido, who share their dream to meet the two women.

Gian sets up the very same yet Donatella fulfills Angelo as well as Gianni with Rosaria Lopez rather of Nadia. The 2 kids recommend a party after a couple of days as well as take Rosaria as well as Donatella to the vacation home of a friend, only to rape and torture both of them.

Was Rosaria Lopez a Real Rape Victim?

Yes, Rosaria Lopez was a real rape victim. On September 29, 1975, Angelo and Gianni took Rosaria and Donatella to the villa of one of their close friends Andrea Ghira’s family members in San Felice Circeo under the pretense of participating in an event in Lavinio. After getting to the villa, Gianni created a gun as well as secured Rosaria and also Donatella in a little shower room. Angelo and also Gianni told them that they are a part of the Marsigliese gang as well as they are awaiting their leader Jacques Berenguer to join them.

Throughout the night, Rosaria, in addition to Donatella, was hurt and raped by Angelo and also Gianni. They were locked up in the shower room, nude, without food or water. Donatella and Rosaria broke the sink in the shower room, exasperating Angelo and Gianni. The two boys after that divided the two ladies. On September 30, 1975, Andrea Ghira joined Angelo as well as Gianni, just to barbarously torture as well as rape Rosaria and Donatella. Andrea at first reassured both women’ return residence however the harassment didn’t see any type of immediate end.

Who Killed Rosaria Lopez?

Throughout the last hrs of September 30, 1975, Rosaria was required to an upstairs bathroom. Angelo, Gianni, and Andrea beat and also sank Rosaria in a tub full of water, killing her. In a meeting, Donatella revealed that the last time she saw Rosaria active was when she was required to the shower room. She likewise added that she heard her buddy’s screams and also the noises of her drowning. According to the postmortem examination report, Rosaria died because of drowning asphyxiation since the murderers “repeatedly pressed her head right into the bathtub.”

After the rescue of Donatella and also the exploration of Rosaria’s dead body, Angelo, Gianni, and Andrea were punished to life jail time. Over the years, Rosaria’s sister Letizia Lopez has actually revealed just how the judicial system failed to provide justice to her murdered sibling, specifically when Gianni became a complimentary guy.

Letizia also revealed her problem relating to Gianni coming to be a cost-free male when he had not completely served his sentence term because of his getaway to Latin America, permits, and various other relaxations. A couple of years before, Letizia revealed her anxiety worrying the possibility of Angelo’s launch too.

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