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Wealthy Muscovites have fun in the provinces in the trailer for the comedy “Unscrupulous in the Village”

The full-length continuation of the popular series will be released in early March. The film company “Atmosphere of Cinema” has published a trailer for the comedy ” Unprincipled in the Village “, a full-length continuation of the popular TV series “Unprincipled”.

The main roles in the film were played by Nikolai Fomenko (“Black Spring”), Pavel Derevyanko (“Brest Fortress”), Oksana Akinshina (“Container”), Aglaya Tarasova (“Naughty”) and Maxim Vitorgan (“Election Day”). In addition to them, Christina Babushkina (“Clinical 13”), Yuri Kolokolnikov (“End of the World”), Alexander Baluev (“The Cathedral”), Irina Pegova (“I’m on Rewind!”) and many others played in the film.

“Unprincipled” is based on the stories of the writer Alexander Tsypkin. In the full-length sequel, retired General Khadyakov (Fomenko) decides to properly celebrate his 60th birthday and invites all his friends from Patriarch’s Ponds to a luxurious birthday celebration in a real Russian village. However, the holiday program of the heroes is in jeopardy due to disagreements with the locals.

The film was directed by Roman Prygunov, who previously worked on the original “Unprincipled”, as well as the dulogy “Duhless”.

Unscrupulous in the Country will premiere on March 2, 2023.

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