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Welcome To Demon School! Iruma-Kun: Who Will Iruma kun End up With?

Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun is an entertaining shounen series that has stolen the hearts of many anime and manga fans. The anime is based on the manga by the same name, written and illustrated by Osamu Nishi. The manga began serialisation in Akita Shoten’s Weekly Shounen Champion in 2017 and has since been compiled into 22 volumes. By 2019, it was adapted into an anime, which has so far completed 2 seasons. The anime received several positive remarks from viewers all over the world. Its harem comedy genre with a lot of magical elements makes it fun and an adorable watch. One of the most entertaining parts of the series is the protagonist, Iruma Kun, who has become an absolutely precious baby for us all. As the series progresses, we all have wondered who will Iruma Kun end up with.

Iruma Kun is an adorably created character. Anyone coming across him falls in love with him one way or the other. The character has been filled with positivity and so much cuteness that it becomes so difficult to hate on him or even dislike him a little. This brings us to the important question in today’s discussion: Who will Iruma Kun end up with? The harem nature of the anime brings some potential partners for our cute protagonist. Three characters stand out the most and have the most number of shippers in the fandom. These three popular characters are Amelie Azazel, Clara Valac, and Alice Asmodeus. 

Here are all our thoughts on who Iruma Kun might end up with towards the end of the series. 

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Iruma and Amelie

Anime watchers might already have realised how deep the bond between Iruma and Amelie is. Amelie is the student council president of Bablys. She is easily among the top 5 most popular characters in the Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun fandom. Just like any other tsundere character, she won the fandom within the first few episodes. Every time she blushes, her feelings for Iruma-Kun become quite self-explanatory. The two have spent quite some time, and over the time, we have seen them read books together, dance, and talk with enthusiasm. It’s hard to tell if their ship will sail, but many people seem to love the duo. Amelie seems to be the most possible character that Iruma Kun will end up with.

Amelie’s crush on Iruma cannot be more obvious. What matters is if Iruma will be returning her feelings or not. 

iruma and Amelie

Iruma And Amelie.

Iruma and Clara

Amelie might be the hot badass of the show, but can anyone unsee the cuteness of Clara Valac? She is yet another adorable character that is shipped a lot with Iruma. In the beginning, she appears as a childish and carefree friend of Iruma. She is extremely powerful and also a major character in the series. Clara’s character development in the series is superb. If Iruma and Amelie are a power couple, Iruma and Clara are the innocent couple. In the later parts of the manga, we can clearly see Iruma and Clara’s relationship development. The understanding between them is growing, and every next panel one can see them blushing.

Iruma and Clara are a very possible final couple. Even the fans love seeing them together, and it would make quite a decent love story as well.

iruma and clara

Iruma And Clara

Iruma and Asmodeus

Let’s admit it, these two main characters are so well-fitting! Fans love seeing them together as they bring all the craziness together. Asmodeus has been together with Iruma since the beginning. His devotion towards our precious protagonist and the latter’s gentle approach towards him makes their relationship such a wholesome scene. 

We do not know if Iruma will end up with Asmodeus but what we know is that these two characters look like they would make a good couple. The ship has its own fan base who wish to see them make some romantic progress. It would make many fans happy to see Asmodeus be the one that Iruma Kun will end up with. 

Iruma and Azz

Iruma and Asmodeus.

Who Will Iruma End Up With?

With the manga still being in progress, Osamu Nishi has not revealed who Iruma Kun will end up with. Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun might even end with a harem for Iruma. With so many possible ships around, let’s hope Osamu Nishi will give us a satisfactory conclusion to Iruma’s romantic side. 

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