Wesley Freilich: Where is Teen Witness Now?

Wesley Freilich: Where is Teen Witness Now?

ABC’s ’20/20: The Final Act’ is an episode that explores the traumatic May 2010 murders of Samuel “Sam” Herr and Juri “Julie” Kibuishi at the hands of the previous’s neighbor Daniel Wozniak. He was hopeless for some money to settle his financial obligations as well as finance his upcoming wedding celebration, so he evidently thought slaying the duo to obtain Sam’s savings would certainly be the most effective method to go. However, in his initiatives to steer clear of from the authorities’s radar, he did get then-teen Wesley Freilich involved in the issue– and also now, if you desire for more information regarding the latter, here’s what we know.

Who is Wesley Freilich?

Wesley Freilich was in fact in middle college when he initially came across theatre star Daniel while doing a play, as well as their bond gradually evolved right into a brotherly kind of partnership. One of those guys that you really desired to be about. The then-17-year-old hence trusted him entirely, which is why he concurred to take out money (in installments) making use of Sam’s debit card upon his request.

Wesley was under the perception the money would circle back to Sam and also aid him repay a bond bondsman since that’s what Daniel had actually told him– he had no suggestion Sam was already dead.

The teen genuinely didn’t find the baseball hat as well as glasses unusual considering that he simply wished to assist, but he did learn the entire, baffling fact once he ordered a pizza on Sam’s bank card. “I hear this helicopter circling [while I’m inside my house], and also I’m like, ‘what’s taking place?'” Wesley stated in the ABC episode. “I unlock, which’s when [the cops] claim, ‘Don’t relocate. Sir, come right here immediately. Jump on the ground.’ They place me down with manacles.” He was understandably scared out of his wits at that moment, driving him to divulge whatever they desired to understand easily.

Where is Wesley Freilich Now?

With Wesley leading the investigators directly to the actual criminal in this situation and also his story being backed by not simply his actions but also Daniel’s admission, he was not jailed or billed. Even though he prefers to stay well away from the limelight these days, it does show up as if he has taken care of to relocate on from the past to the ideal of his capabilities by concentrating on his enthusiasms. From what we can inform, it seems like Wesley remains to live in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area currently, where he largely functions as a blockchain expert as well as a systems architect.

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