Westworld Season 4 Episode 5 Ending and Recap, Explained

Westworld Season 4 Episode 5 Ending and Recap, Explained

The 5th episode of HBO’s science-fiction collection ‘Westworld’ season 4, entitled ‘Zhuangzi,’ centers about Charlotte Hale as she continues to be the supreme power in Christina’s city. She sends out hosts to eliminate the “outliers,” human beings who do not comply with her commands. The hosts’ battles with the outliers lead the method for unpredicted repercussions, requiring Hale to locate an option to her issue.

Westworld Season 4 Episode 5 Recap

‘Zhuangzi’ starts with Clementine Pennyfeather leading William AKA the Man in Black to a host called Hope, that had actually killed numerous people after connecting with an outlier target. William satisfies Hale, who becomes unaware concerning hosts killing themselves after interacting with outliers. She is unhappy about her productions stopping working to meet the criteria of the hosts of the earlier generation. William turns Hale’s attention to her decaying skin. She asks him to eliminate an outlier because she doesn’t desire unskilled hosts wasting their lives away trying to eliminate the person. Jay as well as her group, including Ashley Stubbs, come to the city to conserve the same outlier.

Christina mosts likely to her office and also starts working on a brand-new narrative about a ranger woman who lives with her father out in the country. Teddy, with whom Christina opted for a day due to Maya’s insistence, makes her realize that she can regulate the actions of people around her. William meets the outlier Hale wants him to kill as well as ends up having a discussion with her. Although he attempts to kill her, Jay arrives at the scene before William terminates his weapon as well as fires the Man in Black down. The outlier and Jay retreat from the scene and also return to their hideout in the desert with the group.

Christina meets her “friend” Charlotte Hale however finishes the meeting suddenly and also returns to her workplace. She browses whether Hale falls short but is a personality to discover any details. Christina, listening to the very same for the first time, whether it is a closed system.

Westworld Season 4 Episode 5 Ending: How Did Christina Build the City? Is She Dolores?

Because the world around her, including the individuals and their activities, is regulated by Hale, another version of Dolores, Teddy needs to be indicating that both Hale and Christina are the same person living two lives or versions. The Hale version of Dolores most likely built the city based on the narratives and characters created by the possible Christina version of Dolores.

Dolores’ Hale version cuts her ties with Dolores’ original version before the latter’s death, Hale can not reject who she really is. Creating and controlling the city and its population can be the first step in Hale’s master plan to conquer humanity and having another version of Dolores, with the same appearance, as a part of her plan can be Hale’s way of overcoming the betrayal of the original Dolores.

Considering that hosts in the Westworld eventually end up gaining the ability to remember their past lives indicates that Christina is possibly a host. If that’s the case, the city she lives in was built by her and Hale, two versions of the same person, which explains Teddy’s answer to Christina.

Is the Host William Questioning the Nature of His Reality? Will He Kill Himself?

The host William becomes Hale’s general and trusted soldier due to the fact that he obtains convinced that the globe is intended to have an order. In William’s case, the order is produced and preserved by Hale. The outliers destroy the order by discarding Hale’s control and commands. A number of hosts kill themselves upon realizing that presence without Hale’s control is possible as they do not want to become her plain puppets. William, after engaging with the outlier he was supposed to eliminate, recognizes that the order of his globe is absolutely nothing greater than Hale’s order. He meets the human variation of himself to comprehend the true objective of his presence.

William’s human version asks the host version to question the nature of the latter’s reality possibly realizing that the host has started raising questions concerning the same. The host William wants to know his purpose in the world and the potential realization that he is Hale’s puppet may have unpredictable consequences.

The host William’s meeting with the human version indicates that the previous is looking for the foundation of his presence in the latter. If the host begins to share the passions of his human counterpart, we can anticipate him to wage a war versus Hale rather than him killing himself.

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