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What Are Dion’s Powers and How Do They Work?

Netflix’s Raising Dion follows the story of Nicole (Alisha Wainwright), an African-American single mother, who’s struggling to select her young son, Dion (Ja’Siah Young) all by herself after her husband Designate (Michael B. Jordan) died. As soon as Dion begins manifesting particular skills, that wrestle gets amplified as Nicole has to settle out the technique to select her with out warning superhuman son while peaceable job-looking out and mourning her tedious husband.

It’s been over two years since the state first premiered on Netflix, and that near it’s also been some time since we’ve seen Dion and his particular powers in circulate. In Season 1, he used to be factual a normal eight-12 months-worn little one making an strive to wrap his head round his newfound superhuman skills, nonetheless by the tip of it, he sooner or later masters his huge assortment of abilities. By Season 2, we stumble on a grand more confident Dion, who has a tubby buy of his powers and is contented along with his superhuman skills – proactively looking out for methods to construct them to precise use and even making up new powers when the need arises.

Raising Dion Season 2 has been circulate-crammed with new allies, worn enemies, and, for certain, new powers. So let’s wrestle thru all of Dion’s powers which had been published thus a long way in each and every seasons, and explore what these powers in fact mean for the young hero.

Image thru Netflix

Ion Manipulation: The facility to scheme, form, and manipulate ions is Dion’s fundamental energy. Thru this energy, he’s ready to manipulate the topic surrounding him on a molecular level. Here’s his predominant energy as all his other powers are depending on this.

Telekinesis: Here’s the means to pass physical objects at a distance the use of psychological energy or non-physical near – influencing physical systems with out physical interaction. This means permits Dion to pass objects round along with his mind. It is the first energy he chanced on, and the fundamental one he uses – therefore calling himself the “Mind Mover”. Dion’s means to pass, push, pick, immobilize, and protect a watch on topic reacts even to his subconscious, generally appearing as a separate entity to Dion himself and responding to his emotions and desires.

It is now no longer continuously caused by wide awake effort and can map and hold an trace on objects which can perchance well be now no longer in Dion’s say line of perceive, provided that he as a minimum subconsciously knows the impart of the map relative to himself. This used to be demonstrated when Dion caused a safe of chips to waft out of the kitchen and into his room over to him. His energy may even hold an trace on topic that’s in a liquid or gaseous impart – love when he froze his falling cereal bowl and milk midair, and when while at the lake house with Nicole, he generated principal winds solid enough to snap trees.

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Levitation: This means to reason himself (and other topic) to waft midair used to be first demonstrated when Dion used to be sick. He used to be ready to manipulate the ions that surrounded his body in impart to levitate, even although this used to be shunned any wide awake effort as he used to be snoozing at the time.

Teleportation: Here’s the instantaneous toddle back and forth between two areas with out crossing the intervening net online page online online. Dion is ready to teleport thru ions, seamlessly merging into surrounding energy and exhibiting any place else with a shut-by energy source. In Season 1, he venerable this means to lift a eye at and abet return moderately little one’s teddy. He temporarily misplaced his teleportation means after he nearly received hit by a automobile in that scene nonetheless regained it someway.

Image thru Netflix

Photokinesis: Here’s the psychological and/or physical means to manipulate gentle. Thru ion manipulation, Dion is ready to bend, form and generate each and every energy and lightweight. He first demonstrated this means in Season 1 used to be when he created more than one sharp orbs of color and particles the same to psychedelic effects to cheer Nicole up. He used to be later ready to construct basically the most of ions to scheme balls of energy which can perchance well be edifying of burning and environment fire to things. Season 1’s finale confirmed him totally unleashing this energy into an energy blast that used to be principal enough to face the Bent Man in wrestle.

Invisibility: One of Dion’s powers is his means to construct himself unseen. He’s ready to use ions to refract gentle a long way from him to turn into partly or fully invisible. Here’s a sub-means from his photokinesis, and with the support of Charlotte Tuck, he discovered to render himself invisible. This, he did, by manipulating gentle to refract it a long way from him to turn into partly or fully invisible.

Image thru Netflix

Topic Transmutation: Here’s the means to transmute topic into assorted forms –rising and involving topic, energy, form, and rebuilding it into one thing else. Dion can manipulate surrounding ion-primarily based totally energy to change the molecular structure of topic and reshape objects with physical contact. He demonstrated this means by transmuting a Lego settle to construct it eye more love the Bent Man.

Therapeutic: Dion is ready to manipulate the ions in his body to remedy living beings, much like humans and animals, and does this by manipulating the ions’ electrical currents of the body. Alternatively, presumably due to his age, this energy has its limits because doing so reduces his maintain energy. It is hypothesized that the larger and more physiologically advanced the organism Dion is transferring energy to, the more degenerating the outcomes will be on Dion, to the point of it being enough to abolish him. He demonstrated his therapeutic means when he had successfully cured an arctic fox, nonetheless when he tried it with Pat, it negatively affected Dion and made him severely sick.

Pyrokinesis: Here’s the means to scheme and protect a watch on fire with the mind. Dion is ready to generate intense warmth and fire from his body. He venerable this particular means to free Nicole from Pat within the relaxation episode of Season 1, and in Season 2, he used to be shown the use of this means to shoot fireballs while coaching with Tevin.

Image thru Netflix

Electrokinesis: Dion is ready to bodily generate and manipulate electricity. He venerable this means when he created a ball of electricity, which can perchance well doubtlessly burn and break topic. He also venerable this energy to disable the safety cameras and later totally unleashed this energy into an electrical blast that used to be principal enough to face the Bent Man in wrestle.

Aerokinesis: This energy is described because the principal means to scheme, protect a watch on, and manipulate the air and wind in both offensive or defensive ways. In Season 1, Dion created a sturdy storm while he used to be on a ship along with his mother at the lake house, after which he moved a log by manipulating the winds. In Season 2, he created a mini-tornado while going thru Brayden and his military.

Wow! Evidently, that can very nicely be loads of energy for young Dion to take care of. His powers and huge assortment of abilities would give even Superman a escape for his money, as his superhero abilities are now no longer miniature to factual one gimmick or hook. One may possibly, on the replace hand, argue that his finest proper energy is Ion Manipulation – because that’s what permits him to scheme the entire lot else – teleport, pass objects, toddle invisible, construct fireballs, manipulate electricity, and the full other fun stuff, nonetheless we are able to leave that discussion for the scientists!

There is one more energy that’s now no longer been mentioned but. There is no scientific title for this remaining one, nonetheless little Dion will be ready to construct up new powers. Being young, his powers are continuously rising, and he’s seen to spontaneously manifest new ones – generally even unintentionally – because the need arises. Let’s factual name that one ‘Energy Makeupability’, lets?

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